My Fox News Op Ed: 5 Reasons Why You Should Still Go to Church on Sunday, Even if It’s Christmas

This Fox News Op Ed article by Dr. Jeremiah Johnston first appeared here: https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/5-reasons-why-should-go-church-sunday-its-christmas More than 90 percent of the U.N. recognized 195 countries of the world recognize Christmas as a public holiday in honor of the birth of Christ. The earliest evidence reaches back to c. AD 200, where Christmas was recognized in Africa as a feast celebrated by assembling Jesus' [...]

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K-Kauai Term 7 Downloadable Resources

Welcome to Term 7 Bible Study!  Audrey and I are delighted to be leading you in a study of what God's word says about living in Peace! We hope you enjoy these extra resources. Shalom! - Jeremiah J. Johnston, PhD Dr. Johnston's Shalom Peace Plan My Shalom Peace Plan  Steps of Intervention Unleashing Peace Term 7 Sessions Summaries 7 Steps [...]

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How it Started, How it’s going!

I've entered a new decade of life since you last heard from me! Have you seen the "How it started, How it's going" memes? Indeed, I experienced one of those "front number" change birthdays on August 1st - officially now 40. Similar to Saint Jerome, I must admit, I've always felt like an Old Soul! I enjoyed the day doing what I love [...]

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Tragic Loss: Prayers Requested for my sister and her family, please

  On Monday morning I received a "911" text from my mother, Cristie, who informed us that my little sister, Jenilee Mullikin, had lost their baby, Wesley Vance Mullikin (Jenilee was 25 weeks along in pregnancy). I am asking for you to read her story below, to please pray for Jenilee, Jeff, Sadie, and Savannah; and finally, if you feel [...]

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Honoring my wife Audrey, on her birthday (April 5th), with a special story or two

Honoring my wife Audrey, on her birthday (April 5th), with a special story or two Romans 13:7 ... "give honor to those whom honor is due"  Picture above is an attempted Easter selfie, 2021. I am going to attempt to implement Romans 12:10 with this email tribute for my wife Audrey's birthday - today - April 5th! Audrey is celebrating birthday [...]

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What would Jesus’s New York Times Obituary Look Like? 

What would Jesus's New York Times Obituary Look Like? I was among a group of scholars who participated in a very interesting project on how Jesus of Nazareth's obituary may have read in the New York Times (published in Vanity Fair, not an academic publication!). But first ....  The Johnston triplets (Ryder, Abel, and Jaxson), along with their classmates at Fort Bend Christian Academy, [...]

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A Personal Update From Jeremiah

  In praise of your fellowship, prayers, and our God Who answers, I am delighted to share I had the "final" appointment with my colon surgeon on Monday, March 1st. I am healed. In fact, I just finished a 4-mile jog. God's grace has worked mightily in my life (and continues). I am so thankful for your prayers, which honestly left me overwhelmed with [...]

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Roundtable Discussion

Watch Roundtable Discussion Now Recently I participated in a roundtable discussion, "Finding Peace in Anxious Times," with two other panelists (Jamie Grace and Jean Holthaus) hosted by Susie Larson and the Baker Book House. Our one-hour discussion and QnA session is now available in its entirety on YouTube. I hope you will watch,  share, and most importantly practice the ministry [...]

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