In praise of your fellowship, prayers, and our God Who answers, I am delighted to share I had the “final” appointment with my colon surgeon on Monday, March 1st. I am healed. In fact, I just finished a 4-mile jog. God’s grace has worked mightily in my life (and continues). I am so thankful for your prayers, which honestly left me overwhelmed with gratitude. I will never forget laying in the hospital room reading some of the messages from my brothers and sisters in Christ. Our ministry is powered by God’s grace and your prayers. I am focused on all God has for Christian Thinkers Society moving forward. Finally, I realize you likely receive many emails, so if you have missed some of our recent health updates (or you’re wondering, ‘wait, you had surgery on your colon?’) you can find those here, here, here, and here.

I hope you’ll join me this Thursday evening for a live-streamed event, “Finding Peace in Anxious Times” (additional information below) hosted by the wonderful Baker Book House in Grand Rapids, MI, with excellent panelists and our dear friend and gifted Bible teacher, Susie Larson.

We hide the problem behind phrases like “an unprecedented year,” “a new normal,” or “a challenging season.”

There is another virtual event I want to make you aware of, which is timely. Christian Thinkers must be activated in the mental wellness discussion! We hide the problem behind phrases like “an unprecedented year,” “a new normal,” or “a challenging season.” But the truth is that all of us are dealing with more strains on our mental health than we’ve ever experienced…and many in the church are surviving instead of thriving. When there’s a gap between what we think we should be feeling as Christians–joyful, grateful, blessed–and how we really feel–exhausted, worried, hopeless–it’s hard to know where to turn. I am delighted to join this panel of Christian Thinkers have been there, whether through personal experience with anxiety and depression or through extensive counseling training and practice. We want to equip you with practical advice for addressing mental health issues during difficult times, sharing:

-Insights on the reality of mental health struggles, even among believers

-Truths to apply to both everyday stress and overwhelming attacks of anxiety

-Ways to discern what habits and practices can help provide peace and focus

Whether you’re looking to improve your own mental health or want to better understand and care for those you love who are struggling, this roundtable discussion is for you.

The event is free and all you need to do is register your attendance, here. 

Date And Time

Thu, March 4, 2021

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM CST

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Jeremiah J. Johnston, Ph.D.