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    Unleashing Peace

    About the Book

    God's peace, his shalom, can penetrate every aspect of your life--spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Although the word shalom appears 550 times in the Scriptures and was a constant theme in Jesus' teachings, it is a neglected topic today. As a result, God's peace has been elusive to so many followers of Jesus. This book charts a course of shalom for you!

    It's easy to think that emotional pain is a modern issue. But two thousand years ago, Jesus ministered to people who were also longing for peace and happiness. His answer? God's peace--his Shalom. In this uplifting book, Johnston provides a biblical perspective on living a life of Shalom so we can protect this perfect peace when troubles try to steal it.

    As Greg Laurie writes in the foreword, since we are made in God's image, you could say we have been prewired for happiness. We are prewired for hope. We are prewired for peace. If you are longing for healing and wholeness, noted Bible scholar Jeremiah J. Johnston will help you discover how to

    • Unleash shalom in your life
    • Live and apply shalom in God's world
    • Protect your shalom in difficult times

    This uplifting book is also helpful for ministry leaders and everyone else who recognizes the church's incredible opportunity today to help individuals and families dealing with anxiety, worry, and mental pain. Let this be your guide into the peace that passes all understanding. Shalom!

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    Jeremiah Johnston
    Jeremiah Johnston

    About the Author

    Jeremiah J. Johnston, Ph.D., is a New Testament scholar called to equip Christians to love God with all their hearts and minds. As president of Christian Thinkers Society, Jeremiah is passionate about resourcing believers to give intellectually informed reasons for what they believe. He speaks regularly and contributes to national publications and shows, including, Fox News, CNN, USA Today, Relevant, The Christian Post, and several other media outlets. Jeremiah and his wife, Audrey, along with their five children, live in Texas.

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