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Alister McGrath: Mere Discipleship (Encore Presentation)

January 11, 2020

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Intersecting Faith in Our Culture Work, and Politics

Intersecting faith in our culture, work, and politics

Dr. Jeremiah Johnston discusses problems and possibilities for modern Christians with Dr. Bruce Ashford, provost of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Christians must have deep faith roots in order to survive and thrive. One of the ways that facilitates growth and maturity is church involvement. “Church needs to be more than the Sunday morning hour,” Ashford explains. “We’re going to have to find ways to build strong relationships and hold each other accountable.”

Ironically, the Church has often been strongest when it has been persecuted. While believers enjoy great freedoms in the United States, culture has changed, and hostility toward the message of the Bible is commonplace.

“We need to embrace the moment and strengthen ourselves as Christians – no matter who opposes us,” Ashford says.

As they immerse themselves in Scripture, Christians should not detach from cultural issues. “We are God’s agents for this era in the U.S.,” Ashford says. “We have to let the Bible narrative of the world be the true story, and we need to soak ourselves in that narrative. We are actually an act in the biblical play.”

Each form of entertainment, news, and input is important for believers, since their thinking is influenced by what they consume.

Jesus made a difference in His world, bringing the Father’s will to Earth by healing illness, preaching truth, and ultimately providing for the forgiveness of sins. Likewise, Christians should actively seek to change the world around them, rather than withdrawing from the disappointing parts of society.

“Christianity makes enormous claims. They’re true claims. When I first became a Christian I grappled with the fact that, if Jesus is Lord, how does it affect my life going forward?

Why does He matter for art or science, politics, economics, business, and entrepreneurship?” Ashford asks. “To the of our ability, we ought to carve out a society where people can live freely and where people can seek to persuade everyone in society toward a better way.”

Bruce Ashford is the provost of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a professor of Theology and Culture. He writes about the Church and its mission, politics, family issues, work, leisure, culture, and education.

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Important thoughts from my recent event in North Carolina

The Jeremiah Johnston Show

Faith Radio Network Adds Dr. Jeremiah Johnston to its National Lineup

“The Jeremiah Johnston Show” to Premiere in September

Download the Media Press Release

St. Paul, Minn., August 28, 2018 — Faith Radio Network, in conjunction with Christian Thinkers Society, announces “The Jeremiah Johnston Show,” which is set to premiere on Saturday, September 15, 2018.

Host Dr. Jeremiah Johnston is the president of Christian Thinkers Society and author of several books including “Unimaginable” and “Unanswered.” He’s a regular contributor for and has developed an excellent rapport with members of the media, appearing numerous times and contributing articles across a spectrum of national shows, websites and publications including Fox News, Fox Business Network, CBN News, CBS This Morning, Vanity Fair, RELEVANT Magazine and podcast, Decision Magazine, The Christian Post, Moody Radio Network, Salem Radio Network, numerous network affiliate television stations, and is repeatedly quoted in USA Today and their associated “Faith and Reason” blog.

“We are especially excited to welcome Dr. Jeremiah Johnston to Faith Radio Network’s lineup of unique and live programming,” says Neil Stavem, director of Programming. “Through past interviews and conversations on a variety of Faith Radio programs, we have been encouraged by his wisdom, insight and ability to present deep truths in compelling ways. As a weekly, live, hour-long interactive talk program, ‘The Jeremiah Johnston Show’ will address complicated issues in winsome, relevant and thoughtful ways with God’s Word as the source of truth and hope.”

The format for the nationally syndicated weekly talk show will include discussions, inspirational teaching, entertaining interviews and extremely practical, yet pointed answers, to the difficult questions listeners face in the most vulnerable and raw moments of life. Every week, Johnston will equip, offer resources and lead listeners to discover timeless biblical solutions to complicated and everyday challenges.

“We are grateful for our global connection with so many cross-generational friends, supporters, prayer partners, pastors, leaders and seekers who regularly interact with us in a desire for a thinking faith that answers the toughest questions life throws at us,” says Johnston. “The new program is dedicated to ing every friend and new listener have the confidence to answer their toughest questions. Doubts and faith will always coexist, and our program will exist in that tension, while providing the timeless comfort and answers from God’s Word.”

The Jeremiah Johnston Show is a weekly, one-hour, interactive talk show airing live from 11 a.m. to noon CDT 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. CDT on Saturdays on Faith Radio Network stations, online, and through iTunes and other podcast platforms. The show is available for syndication via Faith Radio Network through Amb-OS. To learn more about carrying this program on your station, please contact Richard Whitworth at 651-631-5037, or via

For a full list of Faith Radio Network stations, click here.

Dr. Jeremiah completed his phd doctoral residency in Oxford in collaboration with Oxford Centre for Missions Studies and received his PhD from Middlesex University (UK). Jeremiah is married to Audrey, and they are parents to five children — including triplet boys!

Connect with Jeremiah:

The Jeremiah Johnston Show


In August of 2019, Jeremiah moved his show time from 11 a.m. to 9 a.m. That change is reflected in the article.

“A 1-in-1,000 year event” – Hurricane Harvey one year later

Exactly one year ago, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. My family of seven – my wife Audrey and I, and our five children, including triplet babies – weren’t prepared for a 1-in-1,000-year event. We and millions of others in the Houston area were right in the middle of one of the worst natural disasters in American history.

We had never experienced a hurricane. As we sheltered in place, little did we know that rainfall would soon be measured in feet, not inches. Soon I would be evacuating my family – all still wearing pajamas – from our levee district, like a scene from “Fast and Furious,” driving our family vehicle in the wrong direction (contra-flow) on State Highway 99, trying to escape the storm.

Harvey broke a 60-year U.S. rainfall record (set in Hawaii), with some rainfall estimates at up to 70 inches in parts of southeastern Texas.

The storm tore through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky and took a terrible toll: A total of $125 billion in damage, 13 million people impacted, 39,000 people forced out of their homes, 204,000 homes damaged or destroyed, more than 1 million cars and trucks damaged beyond repair. And worst of all, at least 88 people lost their lives.

Yet, important words describing what happened after Harvey hit never appear in a government report that described the disaster: hope, friendship, love, faith, church and rebuild.

Here are four lessons our family was reminded of during this horrific natural disaster. Perhaps they will encourage you when faced with adversity. READ THE FOUR LESSONS and the rest of the OPED over at Fox News. …d

– Jeremiah J. Johnston, Ph.D. – via Fox News Opinion

“Christians put feet to their prayers” – The 700 Club – CBN News

One year after Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas Gulf Coast, some Americans are still feeling the storm’s impact.

Last year’s storm brought a week of death, destruction and loss. During that time, many turned to their faith, including Vice President Mike Pence.

And CBN’s Operation Blessing quickly jumped in long before the floodwaters receded. The team organized more than 6,000 volunteers to hand out food, water, supplies and offer prayer along with spiritual comfort.

“Christians all over the world who descended upon Houston put feet to their prayers and literally outpaced FEMA ing people restore their lives,” hurricane survivor Jeremiah Johnston told CBN News.


700 Club Thursday, August 23, 2018 at 9 a.m. EST

Dr. Jeremiah Johnston, president and founder for the Christian Thinkers Society a resident institute at HBU, will be speaking about Hurricane Harvey with Ben Kennedy of CBN News on the 700 Club at 9 a.m. EST on the one-year anniversary of the storm.

A special video message – and triplets update – from Jeremiah Johnston

My grandfather, John Wesley, always critiqued my sermons when I began teaching the Scriptures. Often he would say,

“If I don’t share what needs improvement, you won’t believe me when I share what is excellent!”

Twenty years later, his advice to “never preach a sermon that does not change your life first” still resonates. Last Sunday I preached on the person, power and presence of the Holy Spirit at Houston’s First Baptist Church. I wanted to share the message with you because it was so convicting to me in my time of study and preparation. I pray this message will encourage you as it has others. We have all of the Holy Spirit, but does the Holy Spirit have all of us?

Your Inner Strength: The Filling of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is largely the forgotten member of the Trinity, yet He is our needed guide in our Christian walk. We are sealed at Salvation, yet we are to be continually filled again and again with the Holy Spirit. Do you need wisdom, guidance, freedom, victory? Are you experiencing roadblocks, dead ends, and boredom? Yield your life in complete surrender to His work, and ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Here’s a pic from Father’s Day. Our triplets, Abel, Ryder and Jaxson, celebrate their second birthday on July 7! They are thriving and we thank God for your prayers as we continue to serve the Lord. Lily Faith celebrates her ninth birthday this Saturday and Justin is six going on 21!

Thank you, Skyler, for your sensitivity to God’s Spirit working in your life. It was a blessing to pray with so many at the altar.

I am grateful to the media department at Houston’s First Baptist for posting this video!

Yours, as ever

Jeremiah J. Johnston, Ph.D.

P.S. Here is a message I presented at Prestonwood Baptist Church men’s conference “Man Up” – Galatians 1:10 “Am I a man pleaser or a God pleaser?

Unimaginable (hardcover) can be purchased for 58% off $8.30 on Amazon right now!

I was recently a guest on Chris Fabry Live with special guest host Susie Larson on Moody Radio

Talking about Unimaginable on Moody Radio

In this episode of Chris Fabry Live, Guest Host Susie Larson and I discuss the culture-shaping influence of Christ and Christendom.

Listen Now

I have always enjoyed talking to Chris about the state of biblical illiteracy in the Church today. Listen to this 2016 video from Chris Faby LIVE on Moody Radio.


Huffington Post recently quoted me in a column

I was among several sources quoted by Carol Kuruvilla in a Huffington Post religion column published on June 20, 2018, entitled, “Evangelicals Keep Misusing the Same Bible Verse to Give Trump a Pass.”