A special video message – and triplets update – from Jeremiah Johnston

My grandfather, John Wesley, always critiqued my sermons when I began teaching the Scriptures. Often he would say, "If I don't share what needs improvement, you won't believe me when I share what is excellent!" Twenty years later, his advice to "never preach a sermon that does not change your life first" still resonates. Last Sunday I preached on the person, power [...]

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I was recently a guest on Chris Fabry Live with special guest host Susie Larson on Moody Radio

Talking about Unimaginable on Moody Radio In this episode of Chris Fabry Live, Guest Host Susie Larson and I discuss the culture-shaping influence of Christ and Christendom. Listen Now I have always enjoyed talking to Chris about the state of biblical illiteracy in the Church today. Listen to this 2016 video from Chris Faby LIVE on Moody Radio.  

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Watch Unanswered Event at Oasis Church LIVE

Unanswered Event Promo for Oasis Church Watch the Event Live at this Photos of Oasis Church for the CTS Unanswered Event Upcoming Christian Thinkers Society Events April 10-11YPS Student Leadership University Prestonwood Baptist - 700 Youth Pastors - Dallas Texas April 14-15 Boston, MA 200 pastors for annual appreciation dinner - the theme is the need for Christian Unity. Sunday am multiple churches [...]

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Thankful to teach at Houston’s First Baptist Church during another Unanswered Tour Event

Body of Proof: Why Can I Trust in the Bodily Resurrection of Jesus and How Does That Charge May Life Today? HBU Associate Professor of Early Christianity and Christian Thinkers Society Founder Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston spoke at Houston's First Baptist Church on October 22. He shared a message entitled, "Body of Proof: Seven Reasons We Know Jesus Rose from the [...]

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It was great to teach on “Wednesdays In The Word” with Sheila Walsh on Life Today with James & Betty Robinson

I am teaching on Wednesdays in the Word with Sheila Walsh today on Life Today with James and Betty Robison (which airs across the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia). A powerful program today about the Resurrection. The Resurrection You can find today episode online here: Below is a link to the station guide where you can find the times [...]

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CBN News interviewed Audrey and myself in our Living Room

John Jessup from CBN News interviewed Audrey about how our faith helped us evacuate our 5 children to safety because of the rising waters from Hurricane Harvey. Article Here is an excerpt from John Jessup's article: When the order was finally lifted a week later, the Johnstons returned to find their home nearly intact. The most extensive damage [...]

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Life Today Show with Special Guest Jeremiah Johnston, Ph.D. Coming Soon

I would love for you to tune in as Sheila Walsh and I teach you the Word of God on the Life Today Broadcast. Date: Wednesday, September 13 Special Guest: Jeremiah Johnston: The Silence of God
 Topic: The author of "Unanswered" gives a deep biblical view of God's purpose behind His silence. Below is a link to the station guide [...]

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What Kind of a Loving God allows Something like Harvey?

While being interviewed by Stuart Varney on Varney & Co. of FoxBusiness, I said "our faith is made genuine through adversity" and "In times of tragedy, we should turn to God and not away from him. He is with us through his church, our neighbors ..." - Thankful to share the hope we have in God in the midst of trials and adversity [...]

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