Unanswered Event Promo for Oasis Church

Watch the Event Live at this https://visitoasis.churchonline.org/
Photos of Oasis Church for the CTS Unanswered Event

Upcoming Christian Thinkers Society Events
April 10-11YPS Student Leadership University Prestonwood Baptist – 700 Youth Pastors – Dallas Texas
April 14-15 Boston, MA 200 pastors for annual appreciation dinner – the theme is the need for Christian Unity. Sunday am multiple churches coming together for two joint services across different denominations. This is my first time preaching this far north in New England (Wilmington, Delaware and NYC were my previous furthest preaching point).
April 20-21 – Extraordinary Women Event Pensacola at the Bay Center Arena with E-Women events. I’m told there will be 4-5,000 women
April 22Olive Baptist Church of Pensacola Florida with Dr. Ted Traylor – two services. They run 3,500 on Sunday.
April 29 – Boot Ranch House Church – Boot Ranch, TX. – Chairman of HBU Board.
May 19-20 Houston’s First Baptist – (I also have two Sundays here in June 17/24).
May 25 Commencement Address Houston Christian High School