Important thoughts from my recent event in North Carolina

700 Club Thursday, August 23, 2018 at 9 a.m. EST

Dr. Jeremiah Johnston, president and founder for the Christian Thinkers Society a resident institute at HBU, will be speaking about Hurricane Harvey with Ben Kennedy of CBN News on the 700 Club at 9 a.m. EST on the one-year anniversary of the storm.

A special video message – and triplets update – from Jeremiah Johnston

My grandfather, John Wesley, always critiqued my sermons when I began teaching the Scriptures. Often he would say,

“If I don’t share what needs improvement, you won’t believe me when I share what is excellent!”

Twenty years later, his advice to “never preach a sermon that does not change your life first” still resonates. Last Sunday I preached on the person, power and presence of the Holy Spirit at Houston’s First Baptist Church. I wanted to share the message with you because it was so convicting to me in my time of study and preparation. I pray this message will encourage you as it has others. We have all of the Holy Spirit, but does the Holy Spirit have all of us?

Your Inner Strength: The Filling of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is largely the forgotten member of the Trinity, yet He is our needed guide in our Christian walk. We are sealed at Salvation, yet we are to be continually filled again and again with the Holy Spirit. Do you need wisdom, guidance, freedom, victory? Are you experiencing roadblocks, dead ends, and boredom? Yield your life in complete surrender to His work, and ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Here’s a pic from Father’s Day. Our triplets, Abel, Ryder and Jaxson, celebrate their second birthday on July 7! They are thriving and we thank God for your prayers as we continue to serve the Lord. Lily Faith celebrates her ninth birthday this Saturday and Justin is six going on 21!

Thank you, Skyler, for your sensitivity to God’s Spirit working in your life. It was a blessing to pray with so many at the altar.

I am grateful to the media department at Houston’s First Baptist for posting this video!

Yours, as ever

Jeremiah J. Johnston, Ph.D.

P.S. Here is a message I presented at Prestonwood Baptist Church men’s conference “Man Up” – Galatians 1:10 “Am I a man pleaser or a God pleaser?

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I was recently a guest on Chris Fabry Live with special guest host Susie Larson on Moody Radio

Talking about Unimaginable on Moody Radio

In this episode of Chris Fabry Live, Guest Host Susie Larson and I discuss the culture-shaping influence of Christ and Christendom.

Listen Now

I have always enjoyed talking to Chris about the state of biblical illiteracy in the Church today. Listen to this 2016 video from Chris Faby LIVE on Moody Radio.


Huffington Post recently quoted me in a column

I was among several sources quoted by Carol Kuruvilla in a Huffington Post religion column published on June 20, 2018, entitled, “Evangelicals Keep Misusing the Same Bible Verse to Give Trump a Pass.”



God Bless America!

What a difference a year makes!!!

My dear sweet Audrey posted some pictures on Social Media that show how much our 5 beautiful children have grown in a years time.



Q&A by Premier Christianity about “Unimaginable”

Unimaginable: How different would the world look without Christianity?

I was honored to be featured in this Q&A by Premier Christianity; in it, we explore how Christianity has meant so much to the world.

Watch Unanswered Event at Oasis Church LIVE

Unanswered Event Promo for Oasis Church

Watch the Event Live at this
Photos of Oasis Church for the CTS Unanswered Event

Upcoming Christian Thinkers Society Events
April 10-11YPS Student Leadership University Prestonwood Baptist – 700 Youth Pastors – Dallas Texas
April 14-15 Boston, MA 200 pastors for annual appreciation dinner – the theme is the need for Christian Unity. Sunday am multiple churches coming together for two joint services across different denominations. This is my first time preaching this far north in New England (Wilmington, Delaware and NYC were my previous furthest preaching point).
April 20-21 – Extraordinary Women Event Pensacola at the Bay Center Arena with E-Women events. I’m told there will be 4-5,000 women
April 22Olive Baptist Church of Pensacola Florida with Dr. Ted Traylor – two services. They run 3,500 on Sunday.
April 29 – Boot Ranch House Church – Boot Ranch, TX. – Chairman of HBU Board.
May 19-20 Houston’s First Baptist – (I also have two Sundays here in June 17/24).
May 25 Commencement Address Houston Christian High School published my latest article 10 Ways Christianity Has Made the World a Better Place

10 Ways Christianity Has Made the World a Better Place

Here is an excerpt from my article.

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 The single greatest change was the concept that God loved his creation and especially human beings. In the pre-Christian world, the gods were indifferent to humanity. Indeed, sometimes the gods were jealous of humans. Humans feared the gods and tried to placate them, even bribe them. But Christians proclaimed that “God is love” and that God sent his Son to bring reconciliation between God and humanity. Ancient pagans had never heard of such a thing. The idea that God actually loved them and was willing to send his Son to serve humanity, even die for humanity was almost incomprehensible.


I would also love your you to read my book “Unimaginable”

Interviews With Members Of The Media Today For My Book “Unimaginable”

I hope and pray everyone enjoyed this Thanksgiving.

I have been receiving excellent reviews from around the country on special giveaways of my book Unimaginable: What Our World Would Be Like Without Christianity.










Today at 6 pm ET 5 pm CT I will be interviewed LIVE on In the Janet Parshall on Moody Radio.







This morning at 9 am — Monday, November, 27 2017 I was interviewed by Mark Taylor on KNEO FM 91.7 The Word at 9 am.