February 2021

Every Bible-believing American will suffer under this legislation

OPPOSE “THE EQUALITY ACT” (H.R. 5, link to Act here) At Christian Thinkers Society, our mission is to resource and equip pastors, ministry leaders, educators, business leaders, students, children, parents, and families with the tools, information and education necessary to be a ChristianThinker. Thousands of leaders receive our CTS emails. I would not be following my calling if I did not [...]

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Finding Peace in Anxious Times

We hide the problem behind phrases like "an unprecedented year," "a new normal," or "a challenging season." Our ministry never sleeps! By God's grace, our Christian Thinkers Society online presence has grown tremendously since the Covid shutdowns. I have shared God's truth boldly and loving in virtual events from Rice University, to retirement senior living facilities in Missouri, church worship services [...]

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Jeremiah’s Surgery Update – Good News!

An Evening Update From Audrey Johnston Jeremiah still has that tight grip!!! Thank you so very much for all your thoughts, prayers and encouragement throughout the day. Jeremiah is doing very well, Praise the Lord! His surgery was a success, very straightforward with no complications (surgeon talk), which is extremely good news!!! He is resting tonight and will be in the hospital for [...]

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Personal update from Jeremiah + Watch The Chosen with your whole Family!

Two thumbs up from our youngest triplet, Jaxson! Daddy is healing and doing great, by God's grace! Thank you so much for your prayers for me, my wife, Audrey, and our family. On January 19th, I had a portion of my colon removed because of recurrent acute diverticulitis (a sigmoid colectomy). Thanks be to God, all of the pathology was benign. I am healing! [...]

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