Two thumbs up from our youngest triplet, Jaxson! Daddy is healing and doing great, by God’s grace! Thank you so much for your prayers for me, my wife, Audrey, and our family. On January 19th, I had a portion of my colon removed because of recurrent acute diverticulitis (a sigmoid colectomy). Thanks be to God, all of the pathology was benign. I am healing! I expect to hear the “all clear” from my surgeon on March 2nd, 2021, which will conclude the six-week recovery. Thankfully, my work with Christian Thinkers Society is busier than ever and does not require me to lift more than 10lbs; however, I am ready to help Audrey take out the trash and wrestle with my boys again! I wanted to close the loop by giving you this update and thanking you for praying for us. God is so good, all of the time.

Now to some important ministry updates …

Audrey and I want to recommend that you watch “The Chosen” with your family and friends. I cannot recommend this series enough. I first heard about “The Chosen” when I interviewed and filmed with Jerry Jenkins and Craig Evans for our radio show while season one was in creative production. Jerry’s son, Dallas Jenkins, is the director. They’ve filmed much of the show in Texas!

We have five children (ages 4 1/2 –  11) and all of us are watching the episodes together. I thank God for this media to disciple our children. There is a creative story that weaves around the canonical gospel materials and I find the program drawing us in at several points. Episode three of season one is Jesus teaching several children and I cannot tell you how much our family loved this episode. The Chosen is:

  • the first-ever multi-season show about Jesus​
  • the #1 highest crowd-funded project of all-time at $10 million from over 19,000 people​
  • translated into 50 languages and counting​
  • consistently ranked in the top 50 entertainment apps on ios and android​
  • completely free to watch on our app that connects directly to streaming devices with no fee or subscription necessary​
  • generating income for future seasons when viewers choose to “pay it forward” after viewing

How to watch “The Chosen”: This was the part where you need to pay attention because it took us a minute.

I recommend opening your smart phone and downloading “The Chosen” app on either the android or apple store. Also, you can download the family-friendly streaming app, VidAngel to watch it on your streaming devices. Of course, you can purchase the whole season on DVD, too. Check their website for more details.

I celebrate this excellent media and hope you will take advantage of these great opportunities with your friends and family …

More ministry updates below.

Jesus and Nicodemus

Finally, it was my joy to film with The Baptist Home, an organization that has been serving seniors for well over 100 years, providing Christlike care to the aging since 1913. I hope you will watch the interview, which aired in a three-part broadcast across their network of assisted living centers. Covid and associated fears have caused many seniors to feel isolated and alone. What a blessing it was to share about the Peace of God – Shalom – across all of the retirement centers. Please watch and share below … Also, here is the audio link:

Jeremiah J. Johnston, Ph.D.