An Evening Update From Audrey Johnston

Jeremiah still has that tight grip!!! Thank you so very much for all your thoughts, prayers and encouragement throughout the day. Jeremiah is doing very well, Praise the Lord! His surgery was a success, very straightforward with no complications (surgeon talk), which is extremely good news!!! He is resting tonight and will be in the hospital for 2-3days if everything goes as planned. Because of COVID procedures I am not allowed to visit him in the hospital, (thank the Lord for FaceTime) but was grateful to spend time with him in recovery after surgery. He grasped my hand so very tightly, I smiled as it brought back a memory of one of the first times Jeremiah and I met. I was signing up for youth camp and was turning in my registration at the church office. Jeremiah happened to walk by me, shaking my hand, literally crushing my hand, lol!!! I was quite shy at the time. A God moment I will not forget!

In recovery, while very dizzy and not quite awake he kept asking how the surgery went, thanking God each and every time we told him everything was great. He also continued to thank his sweet nurse Miss Kathy (over and over again ;)) for taking such good care of him. Jeremiah’s heart truly shines in ALL situations. Thank you again friends and family for all your love and support! We are blessed by you, truly!!!

Finally, I wish you could have heard the prayers of Dr. Scott McKnight (the colon surgeon) and Jeremiah, both holding hands, in the pre-op holding area. God is so good. The people of God are a blessing.

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you, Jesus, recovery and healing has begun.

Yours in Christ with hope,

Audrey L. Johnston, M.Div. Christian Thinkers Society