January 2016

Encouraging Tweets from Susie Larson!

Read Susie Larson's Tweets on Unanswered: Wow! Just previewed @JeremyJohnstonJ's DVD curriculum by @LifeWay - SO well done! Every church life group should so this study! #Unanswered — Susie Larson (@SusieLarson) January 27, 2016 You're fast becoming a favorite of ours, Doc! Bless you and your dear family. https://t.co/wUBEWUlbw1 — Susie Larson (@SusieLarson) January 28, 2016 Suicide and Mental Illness [...]

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Church Leadership with Eric Geiger

I interviewed Eric Geiger, V.P. at LifeWay Christian Resources about Leadership in the local Church Eric Geiger serves as one of the Vice Presidents at LifeWay Christian Resources, leading the Resources Division. Eric received his doctorate in leadership and church ministry from Southern Seminary. Eric authored or co-authored several books including Creature of the Word and the best selling church [...]

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Connecting Faith on My Faith Radio

I was so excited about the opportunity to talk about Unanswered:Lasting Truth For Trending Questions with Jo Bender on Connecting Faith because I know that the material for the book comes from people who had true questions that were on their heart. If you have unanswered questions you are dealing with about your faith listen to this full broadcast  found [...]

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Teaching Christians to Become Thinkers and Thinkers to Become Christians It is an exciting time to be a Christian, but in many ways it is also more difficult. Not since the days of the Roman Empire have Christians faced so many attacks and challenges to their faith. Yet Jesus of Nazareth has never been more popular, proven by the fact [...]

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“MBR Bookwatch” features a review of “Unanswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions”

"MBR Bookwatch" features a review of "Unanswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions"   MBR Bookwatch: January 2016 James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief Midwest Book Review 278 Orchard Drive, Oregon, WI 53575  Dunford's Bookshelf  Unanswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions Jeremiah J. Johnston Whitaker House 1030 Hunt Valley Circle, New Kensington, PA 15068 https://www.whitakerhouse.com 9781629116563, $15.99, PB, 224pp, www.amazon.com   Synopsis: You [...]

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The Georgene Rice Show

Unanswered: Lasting Truth For Trending Questions   Georgene Rice:  @GRiceShow www.georgenerice.com How did I become involved in apologetics? I worked in the local church for 12 yrs. Reading Unanswered builds confidence in the word of God. God on Mute Body of Proof My invisible disease Paranormal Bible-ish Christianity Becoming Job: Evil,Suffering, and Pain in peoples lives. Christian Thinkers Society's [...]

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American Family Radio tweeted about our interview for Unanswered

INTERVIEW: @JeremyJohnstonJ Unanswered Lasting Truth for Trending Questions https://t.co/aBGgxnn8tx pic.twitter.com/aOZthjLFb5 — AmericanFamilyRadio (@AFRnet) January 5, 2016       Listen here to Tim Wildmon with American Family Radio      Buy your copy of Unanswered: Lasting Truth For Trending Questions   Purchase Here             Christian Thinkers Society A Resident Institute of Houston Baptist [...]

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Why You Should Not Despair When God is Silent

Crosswalk.com invited me to write an article on God's silence. "Why You Should Not Despair When God is Silent" God’s Silence Is Biblical, Personal, Common, and Not Always a Bad Thing An errant understanding of God produces an inconsistent spiritual life. Bad theology inculcates incorrect thinking. There is an erroneous understanding within the church that God’s silence equals His chastisement [...]

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We Are Having Triplets (not a typo)

"Everything's Bigger in Texas" "One, two, three," said the ultrasound tech. No, he was not singing a Jackson 5 song – he was counting the babIES appearing on the screen. Reality is still setting in - we are having triplets! The best news of all is our babies are healthy (babies are seven weeks along). I have never been busier. Life is in fast-forward. [...]

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“I answered some heart-wrenching questions from callers on In the Market with Janet Parshall … “

  IN THE MARKET WITH JANET PARSHALL Unanswered Questions One of the reasons some people may leave the church and abandon their faith is unanswered questions. Dr. Jeremiah Johnston engages some of those difficult questions today to encourage you in your walk. Purchase Unanswered         Listen to the whole In the Market with Janet Parshall Listen Here [...]

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Unanswered on America’s Most Popular Live Christian Call-in Show

Watch Now: Jeremiah J. Johnston interviewed about #Unanswered questions by scholar and national broadcaster, Kerby Anderson, on Point of View  Christianity Today Magazine called Point of View America’s “most popular live Christian call-in show.”  After more than four decades of being on the cutting edge of talk radio, Point of View has proven they are brave enough to take on the tough issues and experienced enough [...]

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Live Interview today with Kerby Anderson

CTS is continuing our #Unanswered Media Campaign with our 2nd interview today and our 4th interview this week. So thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to be interviewed by Kerby Anderson @kerbyAnderson on Point of View Radio Talk Show. Listen Live from 2pm-3pm CST. Follow me @jeremyjohnstonJ on my twitter account and use #Unanswered to ask me your questions anytime or [...]

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