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The Jeremiah Johnston Show

Alister McGrath: Mere Discipleship (Encore Presentation)

January 11, 2020

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Unanswered on America’s Most Popular Live Christian Call-in Show

Watch Now: Jeremiah J. Johnston interviewed about #Unanswered questions by scholar and national broadcaster, Kerby Anderson, on Point of View 


Christianity Today Magazine called Point of View America’s “most popular live Christian call-in show.”  After more than four decades of being on the cutting edge of talk radio, Point of View has proven they are brave enough to take on the tough issues and experienced enough to handle them.

Point of View is a two-hour, issues-oriented live talk radio program heard daily nationwide. Kerby Anderson and the Point of View team cover the full spectrum of issues and current events that affect our faith, family, government, education, and basic freedoms from a Christian perspective. Point of View’s loyal listening audience thrives on the daily interviews and interaction with informative guests including authors, politicians, opinion leaders, conservative activists, and subject matter experts.

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Kerby Anderson has more than 30 years of experience in ministry and currently serves as the President of Probe Ministries as well as Host of Point of View Radio Talk Show.











Christian Thinkers Society

A Resident Institute of Houston Baptist University

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Live Interview today with Kerby Anderson

CTS is continuing our #Unanswered Media Campaign

with our 2nd interview today and our 4th interview this week.

IMG_2019So thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to be interviewed by Kerby Anderson @kerbyAnderson on Point of View Radio Talk Show. Listen Live from 2pm-3pm CST. Follow me @jeremyjohnstonJ on my twitter account and use #Unanswered to ask me your questions anytime or visit I’m broadcasting from Houston Baptist University Radio Studio @HoustonBaptistU with the of Video Specialist Michael P. Taylor, Jr. and owner of Spiritman Media @spiritmanmedia.

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If you want listen live here is a

direct link

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So humbled by the tweets I’m getting of churches starting their Unanswered: Lasting Truth For Trending Questions Bible Study:




Get your Unanswered questions answered




Major Media Campaign #Unanswered

With a New Year you will have new Unanswered questions. Use #Unanswered to ask me your questions on all my social media platforms linked to this blog.


I am thankful for every opportunity the LORD provides for me to speak about Unanswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions. We have been bombarded with feedback via letters, emails, tweets, Facebook messages, and even videos from people all over the world expressing their appreciation for Unanswered. Some of the stories are heart-wrenching (a son who won the Awana Timothy award and later walked away from the faith). Others are inspiring (students and seniors alike using Unanswered in their community context). Churches all over America are using the Bible study version (published by LifeWay) of Unanswered in their Sunday School/Home Group/Life Groups (whatever they call their education program). I also encourage you to read my blog at which is updated regularly. 

This week I will be interviewed on several national radio programs which are syndicated across hundreds of stations and I would like to invite you to tune in to hear me discuss the Unanswered questions of Christianity with my hosts; as well as take live calls from the audiences. Here’s a listing of the programs – join me in either watching or listening … 

Unanswered Program Listing: 



Jeremiah will be interviewed on In the Market with Janet Parshall on Monday, January 4 – 5:00-6:00 p.m. ET. Click here for their station listing.

Program descriptionOne of the reasons some people may leave the church and abandon their faith is unanswered questions. Dr. Jeremiah Johnston engages some of those difficult questions today to encourage you in your walk. Guest: Dr. Jeremiah Johnston


Jeremiah will be interviewed on Point of View with Kerby Anderson on Tuesday, January 5 – 3:00-4:00 pm. ET.

Click here to watch or listen live.






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Jeremiah will be interviewed on Today’s Issues with Tim Widmon, president of American Family Association and American Family Radio on Tuesday, January 5 – 10:35 am-11:00 am CST. 



To Request an Interview with Jeremiah

Contact Karen Campbell Media

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Teaching Christians to Become Thinkers and Thinkers to Become Christians

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Is the Islamic State Islamic? – A Debate on Premier Christian Radio

Unbelievable? Is ISIS Islamic? Jeremiah J Johnston, Craig Evans, Inayat Bunglawala & Adnan Rashid


Dr. Evans and I had an “Unbelievable” time talking to Justin Brierley and debating Inayat Bunglawala and Adnan Rashid. This was a great forum to discuss our book Jesus and the Jihadis which exposes the major motivation that drives ISIS.

Dr. Evans and I want to thank Premier Christian Radio for letting us share our worldview on the tragedy that happened in Paris in November of 2015.

Read Jesus and the Jihadis to come to your own conclusion.


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