CTS is continuing our #Unanswered Media Campaign

with our 2nd interview today and our 4th interview this week.

IMG_2019So thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to be interviewed by Kerby Anderson @kerbyAnderson on Point of View Radio Talk Show. Listen Live from 2pm-3pm CST. Follow me @jeremyjohnstonJ on my twitter account and use #Unanswered to ask me your questions anytime or visit christianthinkers.com/ask. I’m broadcasting from Houston Baptist University Radio Studio Hbu.edu @HoustonBaptistU with the help of Video Specialist Michael P. Taylor, Jr. and owner of Spiritman Media @spiritmanmedia.

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If you want listen live here is a

direct link

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So humbled by the tweets I’m getting of churches starting their Unanswered: Lasting Truth For Trending Questions Bible Study:




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