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Unanswered Questions

One of the reasons some people may leave the church and abandon their faith is unanswered questions. Dr. Jeremiah Johnston engages some of those difficult questions today to encourage you in your walk.

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Bob called for his son who questions why he can’t feel God. Silence of God?


  • Another Side note I brought up with Bob is, some people say, why don’t I feel my faith?
  • Joseph asked God 14 times if He had forgetten him.

Kurt: Had a question about Defending his faith?

  • I pointed out the 5 essential engagement principles in my book.
  • Knowledge without action is useless. We must understand how people who don’t know Jesus think.
  • Look at the context of the question.
  • Jesus fulfilled the law.
  • Read the old testament through the lens of Jesus Christ.



Jeer: Is a former homosexual and wants to leave that lifestyle in the past. He has a question about how do I pray?

I gave him a series of steps that he should be aware of when praying scripturally.

1.Our will with the will of God.

2.I must confess my personal sin.

3.Forgiving others.

4. Stay away from temptation.

Andrew: Did Jesus die for 3 days?

Many people don’t know that the Jewish day begins at 6pm.



Anonymous: My son committed suicide. Is he in heaven?

Mental Illness and suicide.

  • Where is my son? He was raised a Christian.
  • I responded with fierce compassion in my voice. Saying, your son is with Jesus Christ.


Wendy: How can I convince people that Aliens don’t exist?

  • 2 Tim. 3:13 Demonic activity.


We ended the interview In the Market with Janet Parshall @parshalltalks with lines lit.