Unanswered Prayers

Unanswered Prayers September 28, 2019 Dr. Jeremiah Johnston brings up an important issue faced by believers: unanswered prayer. “What about the tension of those who have been walking with the Lord, and yet, their prayers have not been answered, or answered in the way they thought they should have been answered?” he asks. Johnston notes that the issue of the [...]

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Is suicide the unforgivable sin?

Is suicide the unforgivable sin? September 21, 2019 The number one question Dr. Jeremiah Johnston has received in his ministry is regarding suicide and mental health in the Christian life. “Suicide is in a 30-year high in our nation – we’ve never been more connected but we’ve never been as lonely or isolated,” he says. Suicide has become the second [...]

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Intersecting Faith in Our Culture Work, and Politics

https://myfaithradio.com/program_podcast/intersecting-faith-culture-work-politics/ Dr. Jeremiah Johnston discusses problems and possibilities for modern Christians with Dr. Bruce Ashford, provost of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Christians must have deep faith roots in order to survive and thrive. One of the ways that facilitates growth and maturity is church involvement. “Church needs to be more than the Sunday morning hour,” Ashford explains. “We’re going [...]

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Color blessed with Dr. Derwin Gray

Color blessed with Dr. Derwin Gray September 14, 2019 The two most ethnically divided groups in America are white and black Christians. Former NFL player Pastor Derwin Gray talks about embarrassing discussions on race in the church today and the importance of being color blessed and not color blind. Dr. Jeremiah Johnston welcomes former NFL player, pastor, and author, Dr. [...]

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Greatest Interviews: A Best-of Show

On episode 52 of The Jeremiah Johnston Show, Dr. Johnston looks back with fondness over the year and thanks listeners for their support. “Every broadcast has been powerful and poignant,” he says. In commemoration of the one-year anniversary of the Faith Radio program, Johnston replays clips from several of the recent, moving episodes. Guest Alister McGrath emphasizes that the Christian [...]

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Unanswered Questions: A Best-Of Show

Dr. Jeremiah Johnston looks back at guests’ unanswered questions from The Jeremiah Johnston Show’s history as the program reaches its nearly one-year anniversary. Johnston talks about the early days of his ministry organization, Christian Thinkers Society. Reflecting on the success of his goals is reminiscent of Acts 14:27, when early believers reported on what God had done among them, he [...]

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Mental Health, the Most Important Question in Apologetics

  Issues of mental health and wellness are not generally well-addressed in the church setting across the board, says Dr. Jeremiah Johnston. He believes questions surrounding mental health are some of the top apologetics needs of our time. “The Christian truth should be able to withstand the most difficult questions,” he says. “The job of apologetics is answering questions people [...]

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‘The Dark Side:’ What to do in Spiritual Battles

  The story of the fallen angel, Lucifer, who set out on a path of rebellion against God, is central in Genesis and Revelation, book-ending the Bible. Dr. Jeremiah Johnston explores the antagonist of the Christian faith. “If you’re a follower of Jesus, you’re in a battle,” Johnston says. “No one wants to be in a battle, but let’s face [...]

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Virtuously Integrating Faith with Culture

Dr. Jeremiah Johnston discusses culture and reaching others with Dr. Karen Swallow and Dr. Josh Chatraw. The guests recently authored, “Cultural Engagement: A Crash Course in Contemporary Issues.” The book provides a panoramic view of Christian responses to the pressing issues of our time. The writers explore aspects of culture including formal ideas and worldviews that are passed on, precognitive [...]

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Dr. Carol Tanksley on Fear, Anxiety, and Grief

Dr. Jeremiah Johnston welcomes Dr. Carol Peters-Tanksley, a physician and author known by many as “Dr. Carol.” They discuss the emotional health and the value of life. Dr. Carol Ministries reaches people with a holistic approach gained through her experience as a physician and her theological education, earning her the moniker, “Doctor-Doctor.” Rather than viewing people as comprised of different [...]

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Mark Lanier on Justice and Evidence

  Dr. Jeremiah Johnston welcomes Mark Lanier to the show. Lanier is well-known for his work as an attorney, but it is his love for the Bible that led him to establish the Lanier Theological Library, an exquisite facility with about 17,000 square feet of literary resources, artifacts, and study space in the Houston area. Lanier originally felt he might [...]

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Is Christianity Still Good for the World? & Bob Sprotte’s Great Story

  Dr. Jeremiah Johnston talks with an everyday follower of the Christian faith who decided he wanted to do more to reach his community. Grand Rapids, Michigan-based businessman, Bob Sprotte, is furthering the Gospel in his area in a creative way through the Great Lakes Symposium on Christian Worldview, to be held on Thursday, August 1, 2019, in Bay Harbor, [...]

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