The Best of Biblical Archeology

  Christians have much more than faith to rely upon in standing on their beliefs. Dr. Jeremiah Johnston puts it simply: “We are truly living in the golden age of Christianity. Unlike any other religion or ‘ism’ in the world, Christianity says that it is verifiable with history. The first historian, Dr. Luke, begins his gospel this way in Luke [...]

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David Limbaugh shares how he went from skeptic to committed Christian

  Coming to faith was the culmination of the work of the Holy Spirit and his own research for author and attorney David Limbaugh. With a legal background, Limbaugh says he mined for evidence around him and in the Bible itself. The messianic prophecies of the Old Testament helped convince him that the Christian faith is valid. “It’s so amazing [...]

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Greg Laurie and the Jesus revolution

  Greg Laurie writes about the Jesus Movement in his latest book, which he entitles, “Jesus Revolution,” as a nod to the 1971 Time Magazine cover of the same name. The move of God that brought about so many conversions to Christianity can be learned from and its lessons applied to current evangelistic outreach, Laurie says. Speaking with show host, [...]

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Sean McDowell on role-playing the resurrection

Dr. Jeremiah Johnston and Dr. Sean McDowell practice sharing their evidence for the validity of Christianity surrounding its central tenet, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Dr. Johnston shares these power tips for showcasing the truth of the bodily resurrection of Jesus: The resurrection of Jesus is the only way we ultimately make sense of the suffering in our lives. He [...]

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John Gibson and Jeremiah on faith and business integration

  Welcoming respected business leader John W. Gibson, Jr. to the show, Dr. Jeremiah Johnston asks, “Is it possible to maintain a vibrant Christian faith and also be successful in the business world?” Unequivocally, Gibson states that it is possible to be a leader professionally and spiritually. “It does mean that you have to have a set of standards and [...]

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Sheila Walsh and JJ discuss your unanswered questions

  Inspirational teacher, author and vocalist Sheila Walsh shares how a movement away from over-introspection and independence can strengthen believers’ faith and purpose. She says, “I think the last thing we need is self-help. What we need is God-help.” “Somehow in western Christianity we are so ‘me-focused’ as opposed to ‘Christ-focused.’ You can spend the rest of your life trying [...]

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Faith Radio Network Adds Dr. Jeremiah Johnston to its National Lineup

“The Jeremiah Johnston Show” to Premiere in September Download the Media Press Release St. Paul, Minn., August 28, 2018 — Faith Radio Network, in conjunction with Christian Thinkers Society, announces “The Jeremiah Johnston Show,” which is set to premiere on Saturday, September 15, 2018. Host Dr. Jeremiah Johnston is the president of Christian Thinkers Society and author of several books [...]

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“A 1-in-1,000 year event” – Hurricane Harvey one year later

Exactly one year ago, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. My family of seven – my wife Audrey and I, and our five children, including triplet babies – weren’t prepared for a 1-in-1,000-year event. We and millions of others in the Houston area were right in the middle of one of the worst natural disasters in American history. We had never experienced [...]

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“Christians put feet to their prayers” – The 700 Club – CBN News

One year after Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas Gulf Coast, some Americans are still feeling the storm's impact. Last year's storm brought a week of death, destruction and loss. During that time, many turned to their faith, including Vice President Mike Pence. And CBN's Operation Blessing quickly jumped in long before the floodwaters receded. The team organized more than 6,000 volunteers [...]

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A special video message – and triplets update – from Jeremiah Johnston

My grandfather, John Wesley, always critiqued my sermons when I began teaching the Scriptures. Often he would say, "If I don't share what needs improvement, you won't believe me when I share what is excellent!" Twenty years later, his advice to "never preach a sermon that does not change your life first" still resonates. Last Sunday I preached on the person, power [...]

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