Let’s Save Lives: Here’s a stategy of compassion, concern and intervention to stop suicide

Let’s save lives: Here’s a strategy of compassion, concern and intervention to stop suicide | My Newest Article @Fox News  Editor's note: World Suicide Prevention Day is September 10, 2016. More U.S. citizens kill themselves than kill one another each year. That's stark evidence that proves we are all far more dangerous to ourselves than we are to other people. The stereotype [...]

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Unanswered Tour Event at Peace Lutheran Church

Unanswered Tour Event at Peace Lutheran Church, Grand Island, NE Having great services today a Peace Lutheran Church. Followed by a time to meet people, take prayer requests and sign books. Follow along on CTS social media; Make sure you subscribe to Christian Thinkers Society for all the latest news and events.

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Peace Lutheran Church, Grand Island, NE

CTS Unanswered Tour is Coming August 21, 2016 at 4 p. m. Sunday Peace Lutheran Church Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Luke Biggs August 21, 2016 4 p. m. Sunday peacegi.org Peace Lutheran Church 1710 N. North Road Grand Island, NE 68803 TEL: 308.384.5673

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Christian Post Article has 14,000 Shares…

Jesus Miraculously 'Appearing to Muslims' All Over Middle East, Says Christian Apologist This article by Kevin Porter of the Christian Post has 14,000 shares on social media. Read the entire article to see how Jeremiah J. Johnson, Ph.D. answers the question about, "if miracles are for today? ".   

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Prayers for Audrey and Triplets

Prayers for Audrey and Triplets Thank you for your friendship and prayers through this journey of bringing triplets into the world. Yesterday we learned the timetable for delivery has been moved up. Originally scheduled at Texas Children's Hospital (Houston) for the first week of July (reaching 33 weeks), Audrey will most likely deliver within the next seven days. Audrey's heath [...]

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Book Fun Magazine Article

From Infertility to Triplets (plus two) “Are you pregnant, yet?” ... “Are. You. Pregnant. Yet?” By Jeremiah J. Johnston, Ph.D. My wife’s name is Audrey and she is a badass. Not the garden-variety baby boomer, force you into your locker bully-esque badass, but rather the modern, ultra-cool millennial/GenZ, drop-the-mic badass mom of the 21st century. She does it all while [...]

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Prayers from Texas Children’s Hospital, Unanswered Distinguished Award Finalist and Important Article in Christian Post

Audrey and I are asking for your specific prayers today as we have the most crucial appointment of the pregnancy to date at Texas Children’s Hospital Maternal Fetal Medicine. The triplets (all boys, two identical!) will have a multi-hour scan of their anatomy as important measurements are mapped. Thank you for remembering Audrey and the boys in prayer. Audrey is 20 weeks along [...]

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