December 2015

Thank you Janet Parshall

After being a guest on the In The Market Show with Janet Parshall on Wed, 12/09/15 I was so impressed with her biblical literacy, I was compelled to write her an email that said, " you are a phenomenal host - so knowledgable and your questions are excellent. It is so refreshing -  Thank you for the opportunity and thanks for [...]

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Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston talks about his new book Unanswered with Dr. Michael Brown

Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston talks about his new book Unanswered: Lasting Truth For Trending Questions with Dr. Michael Brown on The Line of Fire radio show. Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston founder of Christian Thinkers Society( was a special guest on The Line of Fire radio broadcast with Dr. Michael Brown. He covered questions like is it wrong to question [...]

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Listen to Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston on “In The Market with Janet Parshall”

Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston will be a guest on "In The Market with Janet Parshall", which is broadcast on from 4pm-6pm Wednesday, Dec. 09, 2015. Janet Parshall (@parshalltalk) will be asking about JESUS and the JIHADIS,  a book written by Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston (@JeremyJohnstonJ) and Dr. Craig A. Evans (@DrCraigAEvans). YouTube video edited by Michael P. Taylor, Jr. As ISIS dominates news [...]

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Thoughts on Evil

My Thoughts on 40 Days of Evil: MetroJet Disaster, Paris, & San Bernardino  The question of evil appears to be eternal, but in fact, evil had a beginning, and it will have an end.  When you experience suffering, you cannot allow it to cause emotional and spiritual paralysis.Suffering and pain hit us from all sides: mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. [...]

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