December 2015

Dr. Craig Evens is Interviewed by 100 Huntley Street

Dr. Craig Evans is the co-author of Jesus and the Jihadis. Dr. Evans is Vice President of Strategic Studies for CTS he is also a board member. For Dr. Evans full credentials click the more info button More Info Jesus and the Jihads is a go-to guide to understanding ISIS’ distorted theology. Through fresh historical and Biblical insights, discover how [...]

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Amazing Interview with Moody Radio Today!

It was a Great Interview with Moody Radio Today! Deb Gustafson on WDLM-FM Moody Radio Quad Cites interviewed me about Unanswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions. Listen to the broadcast before it airs. Learn more about Moody Radio Quad Cities @MoodyQC Click here   Buy Your Copy of UnAnswered Today! Purchase Please tweet me your UnAnswered questions @jeremyjohnstonJ [...]

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Dr. Jeremiah was on “Live the Promise” hosted by Susie Larson with My Faith Radio

Dr. Jeremiah @JeremyJohnstonJ had a great time talking to Susie Larson @SusieLarson    Susie Larson with My Faith Radio Network interviewed Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston about his Book and Bible Study, Unanswered: Lasting Truth For Trending Questions. You can listen to the Interview on Live the Promise blog post. Listen Here   Start a Bible Study Group with Unanswered: Last [...]

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Audrey and I Have Good News

Merry Christmas & We Have An Announcement ...  Audrey And I Will Soon Be Outnumbered ... Audrey and I are so thankful to announce we are expecting our third (could be more ...) child in the summer of 2016! Please remember Audrey and baby #3 in your prayers. Even so, we are reminded God allowed us to experience five years [...]

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May The Tweets Be With Unanswered

We may or may not be in a galaxy far, far away, but the unanswered questions we have sometimes seem far from our understanding. As a child of the 80’s, I grew up in a generation that dreamed of far off places and futuristic ideas and ideals. As the years have washed over me I have experienced some of these pressing questions [...]

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@LifeWay_Books tweets about Unanswered

Rachel McRae @LifeWay_Books tweets about Unanswered:Lasting Truth For Trending Questions by Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston @jeremyjohnstonJ. Maybe you should too? Got hard questions & not getting answers? Check out Unanswered by @JeremyJohnstonJ for biblical truth & help. — Rachel McRae (@LifeWay_Books) December 17, 2015

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Unanswered: Top 5 Bible Studies to Begin the New Year

Start the 2016 New Year with the Unanswered: Lasting Truth For Trending Questions Bible Study Top 5 Bible Studies to Begin the New Year w @MattChandler74 @JeremyJohnstonJ @randyalcorn &… — Ken Lupton (@Ken_Lupton) December 15, 2015 Read the full article

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“Your prayer has been heard,”

"Unanswered:Lasting Truth for Trending Questions" looks at the "Why" questions people have in their lives? Like, why am I not pregnant? What happens when I die? Did Jesus really raise from the dead? Zechariah in the Bible had questions similiar to your own. "Your prayer has been heard," even as God answered Zechariah's [longstanding request] prayer for his barren [...]

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Suffering Is Heavy Stuff

Unanswered is asking the heavy questions. @jeremyJohnstonJ Really enjoyed (=got a lot from) your Unanswered. You understand suffering, do not trivialize it. Very valuable. — Michael Babbitt (@mbabbitt) December 14, 2015     

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Rowan Williams says we must “attempt to understand” #IS but @JeremyJohnstonJ disagrees

Rowan Williams says we must "attempt to understand" #IS but @JeremyJohnstonJ disagrees — Premier (@TogetherPremier) November 19, 2015 Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston relies: "We always want to humanise our fellow man, that's certainly a logical thing to think, it's a civilised thing to think, but the people that we are discussing are not civilised."   Read more at:

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