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Audrey and I are so thankful to announce we are expecting our third (could be more …) child in the summer of 2016! Please remember Audrey and baby #3 in your prayers. Even so, we are reminded God allowed us to experience five years of unexplainable infertility (God felt distant, even silent). If you have ever dealt with the emotional pain of infertility, you know it is deeply personal and most often difficult to discuss in polite conversation. I wrote about our excruciating experience in my recent book and Bible study Unanswered: Lasting Truth for Trending QuestionsSeveral of our friends who receive this email are in the midst of their own battle with infertility. We want you to know there is hope. God can be trusted. Check out this clip

Secondly, please check back often with my blog, which is regularly updated at I’ve been doing a number of interviews on national and regional media related to Unanswered and you can check out the media shows archived on my blog. Our Unanswered tour begins in full force in January of 2016 coming to a church/city near you. If you are interested in hosting an Unanswered event, here’s more info. Finally, if you would like to make a 2015 tax-deductible donation to Christian Thinkers Society, you may do so here. Thank you!

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Dr. Johnston loves the truth and he loves people. In Unanswered, both come through clearly. He writes and communicates as a scholar with a keen mind, but also as a pastor with a compassionate heart. By God’s grace, Unanswered will “teach Christians to become thinkers and thinkers to become Christians.”

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