Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston will be a guest on “In The Market with Janet Parshall”, which is broadcast on Moodyradio.org from 4pm-6pm Wednesday, Dec. 09, 2015. Janet Parshall (@parshalltalk) will be asking about JESUS and the JIHADIS,  a book written by Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston (@JeremyJohnstonJ) and Dr. Craig A. Evans (@DrCraigAEvans).

YouTube video edited by Michael P. Taylor, Jr.

As ISIS dominates news headlines, attention is given to the terrorist group’s ideology when the true motive of their mayhem is actually revealed in their theology!

Major General Michael K. Nagata of the Special Operations forces in the Middle East explains that “we do not understand the movement… and until we do, we are not going to defeat it.”

The key to defeating ISIS’ regime of terror is understanding its theology. 

This is why two leading Biblical scholars offer this go-to guide to understanding ISIS’ distorted theology. Through fresh historical and Biblical insights, discover how ISIS’ acts of violence, terrorism, and persecution impact your life and your faith today.

Order Jesus and the Jihadis today: jesusandthejihadis.com