Would you please pray for me? As you can see from the Rice University Ratio Christi flyer above, this evening I am speaking to Rice University students (both in-person and virtually) on a very important subject – The Relevancy of Christianity. What difference does Christianity make in the world? As you know, it makes ALL the difference! What happens when God is sidelined and Christianity marginalized? Can we quantify the impact of the Gospel spiritually and transformationally in our world?

During the scheduling phone call, I was told by my host that Rice University is the most hostile university in the state of Texas to Christianity. Isn’t it wonderful we are doing an event on campus to encourage/equip the Christian students and also to reach the seekers?

From my host and new friend, Chuck McWhirter: “The event is for Rice University students only but we so appreciate the prayers of all … I think your message in that book is in direct confrontation with what the secular world is pushing as its narrative against Christianity.”

Friends, I have three prayer requests:

1. The event is for Rice University students only, but I want to ask you to pray for the Holy Spirit to speak through me as I bring God’s truth and biblical answers. University students need to know God loves them. God has a plan. God is truth.

2. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to make a powerful impact on the students that they will be inspired to boldly exemplify their faith on campus.

3. Please pray for Ratio Christi (the club hosting the event this evening) and the conference organizers. More information can be found here: https://ratiochristi.org/chapter/rice-university/

Yesterday I was interviewed on the Faith Radio Network about Suicide Prevention month, here is a link to listen to that discussion.

Thanks for your prayers for Christian Thinkers Society.

Jeremiah J. Johnston, Ph.D.

35 days until the election … did you know 1 in 4 Christians are not registered to vote? I am grateful for “My Faith Votes” 

You can access all the free non-partisan materials for your church to participate in National Voter Registration Sunday with a virtual or in-person voter drive here.

One of the most requested My Faith Votes resources every election year is their Party Platform Guide. Please check it out and vote your faith!