Four years ago today our triplets finally graduated from seven weeks in the NICU and spent their first night at home! The photo above was the first Audrey took with all five children where the triplets were not connected to monitors, feeding tubes, or in their isolettes. Once they could “suck, swallow, and breath” at the same time, we were home free! God is so faithful. There were so many moments that caused us to panic, but we always prayed and trusted God. Learning we were having triplets was quite the shock! We were informed Abel likely had a hole in his heart (I have the picture they drew). We were advised Ryder “may not make it” from TTTC. Jaxson was thought to be too large for a triplet. Audrey had circulation issues carrying the boys to 33 weeks. We also had Lily Faith and Justin with us through it all. Again, God is so faithful. “It is good for me that I was afflicted, that I may learn Your statutes” Psalm 119:71. Affliction causes us to know God more closely.

We remain close friends with many of the angelic NICU nurses and tremendous staff at Texas Children’s Hospital. We have hundreds of people who are new to our ministry email list, so I encourage you to read a blog Audrey wrote about the experience, here. The LORD continues to use the story of these triplet boys and Audrey’s faith to reach people for Christ. As a family, we are called to ministry with Christian Thinkers Society. As you pray for me, please do not forget Audrey, Lily Faith, Justin, Abel, Ryder, and Jaxson, too!

When I think about our five children and your children and grandchildren, the rest of what I have to share with you below has my undivided attention. 

It has been an extremely busy month of ministry at Christian Thinkers Society. I spoke remotely LIVE last weekend in Michigan and on the first weekend of August to churches in Florida.

Would you like to learn more about how you experience more Shalom in your life? What are the most important six adjectives, two nouns, and one verb for you to have God’s indescribable peace in your life? Check out my message below! 

The media is coming for our children and grandchildren

My sisters read The Babysitters Club series growing up. When Lily Faith stopped by my office while I was working away, I gave little thought when she told me she was going to watch a new Netflix series The Babysitters Club because it has a “TV-G” rating, which alerts parents the content is safe for all ages. Big mistake! I happened to walk through our living room while the show was on and it was featuring paranormal as normal with fortune-telling and other nonsense. We, of course, immediately turned off the series. My point is, if it can happen in my home, I know it can happen in yours, too. The series was once a wholesome experience that many young girls grew up with, learning lessons like hard work, friendship, forgiveness, honesty, and responsibility. This new Netflix version repeatedly celebrates transgender children, homosexuality, witchcraft, and the occult! (movieguide)

Our friends at Movieguide wrote:

The writers for The Baby-Sitters Club show on Netflix have now come forward to openly admit that they are working to reshape America and its culture through our children. Netflix gave one of the writers, Rose Dommu, control of their official Twitter account to spell out what the show was trying to accomplish. The outcome was an astonishing in its honesty and is a horrifying affirmation of what we’ve been saying at Movieguide for years … Hollywood [is] intentionally exposing children to transgenderism and radically reshaping their worldview.

What’s more, Netflix is now under fire for sexualizing children in a new French film called “Cuties” – I want you to see the Netflix Customer Service response. Their “non-answer” is an answer related to pedophilia. Sadly, this is the tip of the iceberg friends. The media is coming for our children. It is the perfect storm because so many families have allowed our kids to have more “screen time” during the pandemic.

We have to protect the hearts and minds of our children and grandchildren. Our ministry, Christian Thinkers Society, is dedicated to helping you do this through equipping your family with a biblical worldview.

I have some helpful immediate recommendations for you:

1. Consider subscribing to Minno Kids as an alternative to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus. Our ministry is not being compensated in any way for this recommendation. I subscribe to this personally for my family. Our kids LOVE the content. It is fun and biblically-based.

2. Subscribe to my friend, Dr. Ted Baehr’s site, MOVIEGUIDE.

This is not only for kid’s content. Ted’s ministry reviews all movies and most of the TV shows. Audrey and I regularly use MOVIEGUIDE before viewing a film or show. It’s a blessing to our spiritual lives. We want to watch content that inspires our walk with Christ and commitment to our family. We also don’t want to waste time watching something we will eventually turn off.

True story, after spending the evening with Dr. and Mrs. Baehr, in their home in California, Audrey and I decided to name our daughter Lily. Mrs. Baehr’s first name is Lillie!

3. Daily screen time for kids 5 to 7 averages 4:30 hours! Teens spend upwards of 9 hours per day connected. Our kids’ digital world is not threat-free! Add filter software to all of your kids’ devices (ipad, iphone, tablet, etc). 41% of kids have contacted dangerous or undesirable strangers. 34% of middle and high school students have experienced cyberbullying. 31% of kids have sent or received messages with sexual content. We use Qustodioon our kids’ devices. It is excellent. We receive a daily report of their usage, we pay for all of the blocking features,  Again, our ministry is not being compensated for this recommendation. This is what I pay for in our home to protect my family. Please take a minute to protect your family. I’m looking at all the Dad’s out there to lead the way in this. We are the pastors and protectors of our home. 

Finally, please pray for me. I eclipsed 50,000 words on my new book! It is due September 1 to my publisher and will be closer to 60,000 words. I have much more to share with you about this project and the corresponding ministry. If you wanted to, it would be a great idea to look up the 550 passages on Shalom in the Bible. After “Jesus,” “Shalom” is the greatest Word in the Scriptures! Right now, I ask for your prayers as I finish writing during non-stop ministry, and of course, taking care of my family. It is all a blessing. God never calls us where he doesn’t equip us!

Be committed to being a Christian Thinker — every single day. Don’t let your mind be pushed in by the world, but let it be transformed and renewed by the Word of God!

Yours, as ever

Jeremiah J. Johnston, Ph.D.

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