With a vision for 1000 church plants, we talk to JD Greear about the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the president of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor of The Summit Church, and suggests the key to our christian lives is a 24/7 lifestyle we need to embody.

Dr. Jeremiah Johnston introduces pastor, author, and Christian leader, Dr. J.D. Greear. “The Gospel invigorates us,” Johnston says. “It’s not just the diving board, it’s the swimming pool. The Gospel is the key to our Christian life and the constant presence in our lives.”

Greear remembers a time when he went through tremendous doubt about his salvation. The period of doubt ultimately paved the way to a greater understanding of the saving work of Jesus Christ. Greear has spent his life spreading the message of salvation. Through his mission work and studies, he has gained valuable insight into methods of sharing the Gospel and answering the questions people groups have. He notes that his book, “Breaking the Islam Code: Understanding the Soul Questions of Every Muslim,” offers insights.

“No matter what I’m talking about, nothing takes the centrality away from the first place of the Gospel,” Greear says. “Christianity is not good advice; it is good news. It’s not just the way you get saved; it’s the power to live it out.”

In responding to questions from believers who waver in their trust for God’s saving work in their lives, Greear encourages them to put their faith in God’s promises rather than in their own feelings. “Our Heavenly Father wants us to know the certain promises of the Gospel. God’s Word is stronger and His promises are stronger,” he says. “Salvation has everything to do with the One that faith is in. Faith is not a savior; Jesus is the Savior. What we find in Scripture is that Christian growth is really growth deeper into the Gospel. The New Testament speaks about the blood of Jesus – not just paying the sin debt but washing away the sin of our heart that keeps us separated from God. What matters is: are you leaving your hope for salvation on the finished work of Christ? Go and embrace what He’s done for you.”

Dr. J.D. Greear is the president of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor of The Summit Church. His book, “Above All: The Gospel Is the Source of the Church’s Renewal,” was released in 2019.