Unbelievable? The Conference 2016 – Discover Your Inner Evangelist

Christian Thinkers Society is excited to be apart of this amazing evangelist conference across the pond with our friends in the UK.

Unbelievable Conference 2016

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6-day London Tour 2016

Christian Post Article has 14,000 Shares…

Jesus Miraculously ‘Appearing to Muslims’ All Over Middle East, Says Christian Apologist

This article by Kevin Porter of the Christian Post has 14,000 shares on social media.

Read the entire article to see how Jeremiah J. Johnson, Ph.D. answers the question about, “if miracles are for today? “. 


Prayers for Audrey and Triplets

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Prayers for Audrey and Triplets

Thank you for your friendship and prayers through this journey of bringing triplets into the world. Yesterday we learned the timetable for delivery has been moved up. Originally scheduled at Texas Children’s Hospital (Houston) for the first week of July (reaching 33 weeks), Audrey will most likely deliver within the next seven days.

Audrey and Triplets

Audrey’s heath is excellent; however, Ryder (baby B) continues to measure small and some of the numbers the doctors are monitoring are not improving. Specifically, the umbilical cord dopplers continue to increase revealing blood-flow is becoming more constricted to the baby, which is the reason for his smaller size.
This is concerning because two of our boys share a placenta. Ryder’s elevated dopplers are now effecting Abel’s dopplers. So this is a short overview of our reality.

Audrey and Dr. for Triplets

Audrey will be at the hospital today for additional steroid injections and she will also return Friday. She has been told to bring a bag each time and to be ready at a moment’s notice to deliver.
We are so blessed to be working with the exceptional medical providers at Texas Children’s Hospital. Audrey is pictured above with her maternal-fetal medicine physician, Dr. Fox.
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I lift up my eyes to the hills—
from where will my come?
My comes from the Lord,
who made heaven and earth. – Psalm 121


Christian Post Article: Evangelism That Drives People Away: Are You a ‘Beast Mode’ Christian?

Evangelism That Drives People Away: Are You a ‘Beast Mode’ Christian?

Beast Mode works better for winning sports games rather than souls

This is an excerpt from the latest article I was featured in

written by Kevin Porter, Christian Post Reporter

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