Unanswered: written for their generation  

Audrey surprised me recently with this picture of my two #1 fans!

Meet Lily Faith (6) and Justin Johnston (3)

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It doesn’t seem like that long ago I was in high school (although my barber recently informed me my beard features “gray hair”), but it was. There is no question I wrote Unanswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions in a quest to answer the unanswered questions lurking in the pews of all of our churches, but it doesn’t end there. As Audrey and I prayed, we are concerned about the world our children are living in. Lily Faith and Justin will face questions about Christianity that our generation and those before never dreamed of. We need to equip our children and young adults with the answers – NOW. More importantly, our mission is to teach them how to think critically about their faith and the intersection of personal belief with the world around them. 

So … today is the day. Unanswered releases in stores everywhere. Will you please help Christian Thinkers Society spread the word about our new book? Please share about Unanswered on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, will you pray for me as I begin our Unanswered tour? I was honored to join Ben Young at Second Baptist Houston on Sunday night. We had a great time in the service discussing the pressing issues of the day. As I met people after, it was encouraging to see many of them go home with a tool – our new book Unanswered – to aid them in conversations with their children, co-workers and friends. We are scheduling events across the country at churches and conferences. I would love to come to your church, too!

Finally, thanks for being my friend. Seriously, this never would have happened without your encouragement and prayers. God knows the names of the people who fed into the creative process. They are dear to us. The idea for this book began  at the Garage coffee shop in Nashville, TN with my friend Philip. Thanks, Philip. 

Jeremiah 🙂

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Jeremiah and Ben Young at Second Baptist Church discussing Islam, ISIS and  

JJJ’s new book Unanswered

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You Must View the Official Trailer for Unanswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions … 

Special thanks to Lanier Theological Library for a gorgeous venue and location to film the teaching segments for Unanswered.  LifeWay Publishing did marvelous work producing this video series.


















































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