When they had arrived and gathered the church together, they began to report

all things that God had done with them  . . . Acts 14:27



Merry Christmas,

Questions are important. We should never underestimate the power of a question. Our friends respond so much better to a question than to an assertion.  Questions make them the expert. Questions elicit a response. Questions linger on with people. Questions are conversational and can be flattering. After over 40 live events, I have now received more than 4,000 questions at Christian Thinkers Society. You might be surprised which question is asked more than any other. Any guesses? Suicide. Loss. Injustice. People reveal something about themselves when they ask a question. We see a window into their heart.

Christmas can be anything but ‘Merry’ for many of our neighbors. For many people Christmas is a reminder of all they have lost. It seems appropriate to quote Dickens at this time of year . . . ‘best of times and worst of times; an age of wisdom and an age of foolishness’. As I reflect on all CTS has been involved with in 2014, I sense a tension. I have never observed a more sincere quest for truth among seekers and yet not since the days of the Roman Empire have Christians faced so many challenges and attacks. My children (and yours) are growing up in a world where beliefs are polarized to such an extent that, given the chance, people would cut off your head because of your beliefs.  They don’t love your God, Jesus or your ‘Bible’. Atheists are also taking advantage of the rank-biblical illiteracy in our churches by taking out Billboards encouraging you to “stop pretending that you believe.” Professors are not immune from the attacks, either.

There is so much more to be done. Christian Thinkers Society continues to stand on the front lines, but we do not stand alone. You are the Christian Thinkers Society. Please continue to stand with us in training Christians to own their faith – a thinking faith – able to withstand the tests of a fallen world. A faith eager to answer the toughest questions skeptics are asking yet in a deeply winsome and attractive way.

What follows is a pictorial report, in the spirit of Acts 14:27, of what God is doing among us. Audrey and I hope that you will add Christian Thinkers Society to your ‘Christmas list’ and make a tax-deductible donation to continue the mission of Christian Thinkers.

Yours as ever, Jeremiah


CTS Events – Nov 2014



Christianity on Trial with Mark Lanier. 300 questions were texted in via our audience participation system  . . .

We wish we could have answered all of them.


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  Was Jesus the Promised Jewish Messiah?




Jeremiah enjoyed being interviewed  by, Dr. David Hulme, publisher for INSIGHTS and Vision Media Publishing Vision–Insights and New Horizons – subject was execution/crucifixion, resurrection of Jesus, archaeology, and culture.

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Jeremiah recently filmed two courses and over 190 segments for Logos Bible Software Mobile Ed.

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