Your People Learn The Theology Driving the Ideology

The Islamic State personifies evil on a scale never seen before. “We do not understand the movement… and until we do, we are not going to defeat it” – Major General Michael K. Nagata of the Special Operations forces in the Middle East.

Jeremiah Johnston and Craig Evans, leading biblical scholars, present Jesus and the Jihadis, your go-to-guide for understanding ISIS’ distorted theology and answering your questions about Islam and Muhammad. You will be informed on how ISIS’ terrorist acts and persecution impact your life and faith today.

As ISIS dominates news headlines, attention is given to the terrorist group’s ideology, when the true motive of their mayhem is actually found in their theology. The key to defeating ISIS’ regime of terror is understanding its theology. ISIS, rather than being an “un-Islamic” distortion of the Qur’an and Hadith, adheres to and embodies the teachings of Muhammad and Islam at its core.

Johnston and Evans persuasively show that the Islamic State is characteristically and prototypically Islamic.

Get eye-opening answers to questions like:

  • How is ISIS using social media terrorism… to target our kids?
  • Why did Islam have 200 million more converts than Christianity in the 20th century… and how does this impact our century?
  • What is so important about the land of Israel?
  • How ISIS uses the deadly combination of social media and extremism to target Western youth? ISIS produces and releases over 90,000 social media messages per day.