The mission of Christian Thinkers Society is to teach Christians to become Thinkers and Thinkers to Become Christians: (i) for Pastors and Believers – to equip, train and educate Christians to respond in an informed and defensible manner regarding the core truths that are at the heart of the Christian faith; (ii) and for the Thinker – our purpose is to reach a new demographic and demonstrate why Christianity makes sense, is enriching to life, and why it is essential for the betterment of society.



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Together, HBU and CTS will conduct conferences around the world featuring prominent culture influencers, Christian leaders, and scholars, several of whom are HBU professors. The conferences will address the most pertinent Christian apologetic issues of the day. Plans are already in the works for a 36-city tour, including New York, Chicago, Dallas, Toronto, and Calgary. Houston Baptist University and Christian Thinkers Society will also make apologetic resources and tools available to pastors and laity on trans-media platforms, including branded flash drives, an Internet subscription service, iTunes U, books, podcasts, and streaming video. The goal is to provide ongoing training that will enable leaders and laity worldwide to become articulate defenders of the historic Christian faith.