What is the Museum of the Bible?

What is the Museum of the Bible?

Museum of the Bible
The Museum of the Bible will be an unparalleled and immersive experience – using cutting-edge technology to bring the Bible to life in spectacular fashion.

Museum of the Bible exists to invite all people to engage with the Bible through: research, traveling exhibits, education, and a museum currently under construction in Washington, DC.

In November 2017, the museum will open its 430,000-square-foot nonprofit museum just two blocks from the National Mall. This museum will showcase an unparalleled collection of antiquities representing 3,000 years of history and provide visitors with an immersive and personalized experience to deepen their understanding of the historical magnitude of the Bible and its impact on the world around us.

Reaching more than half a million people to date, our exhibits have traveled across the country and around the world. The museum’s traveling exhibits have visited six U.S. cities and several other countries including Vatican City, Israel, Cuba, Argentina, and Germany.

Museum of the Bible exhibit concept A
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Museum of the Bible exhibit concept B
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The museum also supports research and education through the Museum of the Bible Scholars Initiative, the development of a Bible curriculum – using augmented reality technology – for students around the globe, and other programs such as archaeological digs and educational travel opportunities for both students and adults.


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