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Museum of the Bible on tour with Christian Thinkers Society

50 states in 3 years

The Unanswered Tour

Museum of the Bible is excited to join forces with Jeremiah Johnston and the Christian Thinker’s Society on their 50 state, Unanswered Tour.

It is our global initiative to create a safe and neutral space where people are encouraged to engage with the history, narrative, and impact of the Bible, and increase their knowledge during a time where biblical literacy is at an all-time low. Museum of the Bible will be on hand during each stop of the tour to give an overview of what guests may expect during a visit to our 430,000 square foot museum opening in Washington D.C. in fall 2017, and to learn more about becoming involved personally in this global institute. Visitors of the tour will also enjoy a small display of artifacts at select stops. You can learn more about Museum of the Bible and all our endeavors at or by speaking to one of our representatives on the tour.

What is the Unanswered Tour? How do I schedule this Tour? Who is Jeremiah J. Johnston? Who is Cary Summers? What is Museum of the Bible? Can I Ask MY Question?