Answers to Tough Questions Book and Bible Study Kit


Answers to Tough Questions Bible Study Kit includes a Bible Study Book and one DVD (all videos have download codes for your computer/smartphone) with promotional material and six fifteen-minute video teaching sessions featuring author, Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston. The Bible Study Kit also includes codes for access to digital video downloads and additional resources through Wordsearch Bible.

Many Christians consider apologetics (the study and practice of defending the faith) a discipline reserved for people in academic circles, but all followers of Christ should carefully consider why they believe what they believe. In a culture that says all beliefs are equally valid, it’s critical that we recognize the dangerous delusion of that idea and equip ourselves to speak with confidence about biblical truth. Examining the six questions in this study will move Christians beyond the cultural norm of “This is what I think” to the truth that compels others to believe.


Answers to Tough Questions Bible Study Session and Chapter topics:
1. Do We Need to Defend Our Faith?
2. Is There a God?
3. Does Absolute Truth Exist?
4. Is Jesus God?
5. Aren’t All Religions the Same?
6. What Proof Does My Testimony Offer?

Kit includes:
• Bible Study Book
• One DVD with a promotional video and six 15-minute video teaching sessions
• Code for access to digital video downloads and additional resources through Wordsearch Bible – use for up to 3 users!

• Videos featuring author Dr. Jeremiah Johnston
• Six small group sessions
• Personal study opportunities for ongoing spiritual growth
• Promotional video

• Let God use you to show others the truth of the Christian faith.
• Rely on God as you stand for Him.
• Learn arguments for the existence of God.
• Root your faith in the truths of Scripture.
• See Jesus for who He truly is and learn to share the truth of His identity with others.
• Gain confidence to defend your faith with love, clarity, and grace.
• Share your testimony with confidence.