Merry Christmas 2014

When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy. 

Matthew 2:10  



Merry Christmas from the Johnstons!

Lily Faith (5), Justin (2), Audrey & Jeremiah

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If you don’t believe, you don’t have to pretend that you believe.

When they had arrived and gathered the church together, they began to report

all things that God had done with them  . . . Acts 14:27



Merry Christmas,

Questions are important. We should never underestimate the power of a question. Our friends respond so much better to a question than to an assertion.  Questions make them the expert. Questions elicit a response. Questions linger on with people. Questions are conversational and can be flattering. After over 40 live events, I have now received more than 4,000 questions at Christian Thinkers Society. You might be surprised which question is asked more than any other. Any guesses? Suicide. Loss. Injustice. People reveal something about themselves when they ask a question. We see a window into their heart.

Christmas can be anything but ‘Merry’ for many of our neighbors. For many people Christmas is a reminder of all they have lost. It seems appropriate to quote Dickens at this time of year . . . ‘ of times and worst of times; an age of wisdom and an age of foolishness’. As I reflect on all CTS has been involved with in 2014, I sense a tension. I have never observed a more sincere quest for truth among seekers and yet not since the days of the Roman Empire have Christians faced so many challenges and attacks. My children (and yours) are growing up in a world where beliefs are polarized to such an extent that, given the chance, people would cut off your head because of your beliefs.  They don’t love your God, Jesus or your ‘Bible’. Atheists are also taking advantage of the rank-biblical illiteracy in our churches by taking out Billboards encouraging you to “stop pretending that you believe.” Professors are not immune from the attacks, either.

There is so much more to be done. Christian Thinkers Society continues to stand on the front lines, but we do not stand alone. You are the Christian Thinkers Society. Please continue to stand with us in training Christians to own their faith – a thinking faith – able to withstand the tests of a fallen world. A faith eager to answer the toughest questions skeptics are asking yet in a deeply winsome and attractive way.

What follows is a pictorial report, in the spirit of Acts 14:27, of what God is doing among us. Audrey and I hope that you will add Christian Thinkers Society to your ‘Christmas list’ and make a tax-deductible donation to continue the mission of Christian Thinkers.

Yours as ever, Jeremiah


CTS Events – Nov 2014



Christianity on Trial with Mark Lanier. 300 questions were texted in via our audience participation system  . . .

We wish we could have answered all of them.


IMG_13591                      6J7A8265                                     


  Was Jesus the Promised Jewish Messiah?

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Update on Justin’s surgery

 Dear Friend,

There is nothing harder or more difficult to endure than seeing one of your children in pain and not being able to do anything to alleviate it. If there was any way I could have, I would have gladly taken Justin’s place on that operating table. For a moment it gives us an impression of what God’s love must be like for his children.

We are delighted to report that Justin had a successful 3+ hour surgery and is now convalescing for a few days here at Texas Children’s Hospital. The healing process is important and we pray that it will be complete so Justin can at long last leave behind his kidney issues.

Audrey and I cannot thank you enough for your prayers. It has actually been overwhelming to learn of all the people who are praying specifically for Justin from all over the world. We are so grateful for the amazing medical care Justin has received all while trusting the Great Physician to superintend each step. Audrey and I are so thankful for all of you, our wonderful friends who are supporting us every step of the way.

Thank you for your support and all of the prayers.

Jeremiah & Audrey Johnston


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Prayer for Justin


Please pray for our 2 ½ year-old son, Justin. Next Tuesday (16 Sept) he will be having surgery focused on his kidney system. Justin could be in the hospital for up to a week after his surgery. As many of you know, we have been watching this condition since his birth and the doctors are now advising us it is necessary to operate to, “fix the problem.” We have conferred with wonderful specialists at Vanderbilt and Texas Children’s hospital and are thankful for the excellent care.

Thank you so much for your friendship, support, love, and continued prayers for Justin. We believe in the power of collective prayer. We serve a personal God who loves and cares for His people. . . “One day Jesus told his disciples a story to show that they should always pray and never give up.” (Luke 18:1 NLT)


Jeremiah & Audrey Johnston



“One day Jesus told his disciples a

story to show that they should

always pray and never give up.”

(Luke 18:1 NLT)



Christian Thinkers Society

8019 W. GRANDPKWY S STE #1060–416










Christian Thinkers Society and

Houston Baptist University Collaboration


A Press Release was sent today announcing CTS’s exclusive collaboration with Houston Baptist University; the fourth ranked Christian University in the USA, with its impressive, visionary President, Dr. Robert Sloan Jr.  Similar to Josh McDowell and Campus Crusade for Christ, two separate non-profit ministries that operated for nearly 50 years in synergy of effort, so HBU and CTS will coalesce our joint efforts in conducting apologetics conferences globally, leading the vanguard of a new movement, and create scores of resources on a transmedia platform.  HBU is a 54-year-old institution in dynamic growth situated on 158 acres with a God-empowered vision to become a national university.

As our exclusive university partner, HBU will add their scholars to our global conferences and work with us in reaching out to seekers, secularists, agnostics and atheists including debates on university campuses. I will be inviting you to top-rated HBU/CTS events in Houston, as well as all over the world.

Read the Press Release

Dear Friend

I encourage you to spread the news and I hope the ministry of Christian Thinkers Society will remain in your regular prayers. The world is filled with challenges to biblical faith. Today’s Church is malnourished. Christians are biblically illiterate and theologically shallow. The collaborative vision begins on a new movement that will have a notable impact on the shape of contemporary Christianity by providing the essential training to transform and enrich believers, Christian leaders and pastors worldwide.

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Saudi Arabia to Dr Sloan

Greetings Friend,

Teleconference in Saudi Arabia.

Tomorrow I have been invited to address Christian leaders and thinkers in Doha, Qatar and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at 12:00 noon central time. I will be piped-in LIVE via Cisco-telepresence (via private VPN) Please pray specifically for the following:

1) That I will bring encouragement to all of the Christian leaders & believers.

2) That they will be armed and equipped through the material presented.

Many believe the Church in America has become a country-club – only God knows. There is certainly work to be done and that is why the ministry of Christian Thinkers Society is so important. Two-Thirds of the world’s Christians are not from the West and that is why I am thankful CTS thinks locally but acts globally. Interfacing with believers who risk their life for the Gospel is compelling and encouraging. Pray that their example will influence the American church through CTS.

Thank you for your regular support and prayers. I have some exciting announcements coming your way very soon.

Romans 15:20

“And thus I aspired to preach the gospel, not where Christ was already named, so that I would not build on another man’s foundation;”



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