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Alister McGrath: Mere Discipleship (Encore Presentation)

January 11, 2020

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Christian Thinkers Society welcomes HBU President Robert B. Sloan, Jr., to the Board of Directors

We are delighted to announce the unanimous appointment of Dr. Sloan to the CTS Board of Directors serving as a regular contributor, speaker and key architect in the ongoing movement. Sloan is known globally as prolific theologian and a great thinker, having a passion for both ministry and higher education, love for both the Church and the world, gifted by God with adept leadership skills to create transformation in cultures that are continually alienated from God. This is a very challenging time for Christians in this country and abroad. We live in a radically skeptical age and there are far too few people who can make the case for Christianity at the highest levels, let alone in their own back yard. Dr. Sloan’s ability to combine creative and communicative excellence with scholarly integrity will further buttress the mission of Christian Thinkers Society to inspire Christians and pastors to become thinkers and thinkers to become Christians. I encourage you to read Dr. Sloan’s bio, follow him on twitter, and like his Facebook page. Christian Thinkers Society is a Resident Institute of Houston Baptist University

– Jeremiah J. Johnston


“I am very pleased to have Dr. Robert Sloan, President of Houston Baptist University, join the CTS Board of Directors. CTS provides leadership in very exciting areas of innovative, strategic ministry. This ministry potential will be greatly enhanced by the skills, experience, and vision that Dr. Sloan will bring to CTS. This is a wonderful development!”

– Professor Craig A. Evans, CTS Director and Vice President of Strategic Studies

UnAnswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions

When it comes to faith, sometimes it can be tough to get answers to our questions. Far too often, these are questions that people are afraid to ask. Perhaps they’re too embarrassed, or fear that there might not be an answer. And so we end up with these deeply personal questions that go…unanswered. After receiving over 4,000 questions at our Christian Thinkers Society events we sensed an urgency to create a resource for believers to (i) have answers for their #UnAnswered questions; and (ii) be equipped with the leadership engagement principles to articulate those answers in their communities. Questions related to suicide, mental illness, the allure of the paranormal (mediums, ghosts, ufo’s etc), the silence of God, suffering and pain, the Resurrection of Jesus, and what people wish they knew about the Bible and don’t are being asked again and again inside the church and the problem is that many do not know where to turn to find answers to these questions. This book and bible study provide exactly what the church needs: tools and answers!

LifeWay publishing is the perfect partner and we are thrilled to announce the creation of this six-week small-group Bible study UnAnswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions. The project has grown organically and now encompasses a trade paperback book, a six-week bible study complete with daily personal time, and six in-depth teaching segments from Dr. Jeremiah Johnston available in stores everywhere November 1, 2015.

We cannot say enough about the professionalism, godly leadership, and commitment to excellence exhibited by the team at LifeWay publishing. This project is blessed to have so many different leaders investing their time, talent and treasure into ensuring UnAnswered is a blessing for the entire church.

What follows are some behind-the-scenes photos of the production…

Several of Dr. Johnston’s HBU students joined him on Monday for filming UnAnswered and offered their own questions and comments!
We are so thankful to Lanier Theological Library for providing a beautiful location for the filming of UnAnswered.
Over the course of the three days of filming members of the LifeWay publishing teach prayed over the entire production. That always makes a difference! Here the lead content editor is praying over Jeremiah before he teaches on the Bible and Resurrection.

Indeed, there were several lighthearted moments, including the fact that Jeremiah apparently needed makeup on his hands! That is Dr. Cristie Jo Johnston applying some much needed cosmetic for Jeremiah!
Travis, the LifeWay director (pictured in the hat) on the UnAnswered project, quarterbacked the entire production with excellence. He is a lot of fun and extremely creative.

Audrey Johnston was essential during the filming providing encouragement and insightful comments – here she is no doubt sharing (ever so elegantly) how Jeremiah could have filmed that segment more effectively…