March 2021

A Personal Update From Jeremiah

  In praise of your fellowship, prayers, and our God Who answers, I am delighted to share I had the "final" appointment with my colon surgeon on Monday, March 1st. I am healed. In fact, I just finished a 4-mile jog. God's grace has worked mightily in my life (and continues). I am so thankful for your prayers, which honestly left me overwhelmed with [...]

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Roundtable Discussion

Watch Roundtable Discussion Now Recently I participated in a roundtable discussion, "Finding Peace in Anxious Times," with two other panelists (Jamie Grace and Jean Holthaus) hosted by Susie Larson and the Baker Book House. Our one-hour discussion and QnA session is now available in its entirety on YouTube. I hope you will watch,  share, and most importantly practice the ministry [...]

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New Discoveries in the Dead Sea Wilderness

New Discoveries in the Dead Sea Wilderness Photo credit: Shai Halevi, The IAA (Israel Antiquities Authority), more photos can be found here. 16 March 2021 Important update from Professor Craig Evans, founding board member of Christian ThinkersSociety, dear friend, colleague, and academic mentor of Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston.   This morning it was announced in Israel that more discoveries have been made in the Dead [...]

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