September 2020

Rice University Ratio Christi

  Would you please pray for me? As you can see from the Rice University Ratio Christi flyer above, this evening I am speaking to Rice University students (both in-person and virtually) on a very important subject - The Relevancy of Christianity. What difference does Christianity make in the world? As you know, it makes ALL the difference! What happens when God is sidelined and [...]

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Suicide Prevention Month

Soon you will be able to dial 988. That is all it takes. Earlier this summer the Federal Communications Commission officially designated '988' as a 3-Digit Number For National Suicide Prevention Hotline. I encourage you to read the important press-release and why the US has a number (similar to the emergency 911), for suicide prevention: Link to press release here. Important: 1-800-273-8255 is the current suicide [...]

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#CancelNetflix - When you cancel be sure to check the "Other" box and share why ... "We don't support pedophiles" or "We don't support child pornography" Netflix has lost over $9 billion in market value since the #CancelNetflix hashtag went viral. We have been Netflix subscribers since 2012. We canceled our subscription today. #CancelNetflix has been trending for days on twitter. If you are wondering why [...]

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Your Family: The Most Important Ministry

Thanks for watching Justin Johnston's latest Lego Video! Thanks for subscribing to his channel: "Justin Lego Tube" and sharing the video! (4:43 length) A very wise friend once told me: "Jeremiah, your most important ministry is your family ... never forget this."  I am not a perfect Dad, but I want to be. I am not a perfect husband, but I want to [...]

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A Rush of Hope

As Christian Thinkers, we are called to be the people who bring HOPE! No matter what challenges we face, hope is on our side because we serve Jesus Christ. I love constantly resourcing you with ways to be a Christian Thinker, which includes creative ways to spread the love of Jesus Christ in your community. For the first time in 30 years my friend, Pastor Greg Laurie, was not able [...]

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