October 2019

The Power of the Gospel

  With a vision for 1000 church plants, we talk to JD Greear about the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the president of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor of The Summit Church, and suggests the key to our christian lives is a 24/7 lifestyle we need to embody. Dr. Jeremiah Johnston introduces pastor, author, and [...]

2019-11-06T10:14:56-06:00October 26, 2019|

Why God Loves Cities and What it Means For You

  People are looking for interactive compassionate community members. Chris Brooks, host of the Equipped with Chris Brooks radio show, discusses what it looks like for us to embody faith and live out the implications of the Gospel in front of a watching world. The Great Commission outlined in Matthew 28:16-20 means being around people is necessary, points out guest [...]

2020-01-15T10:21:50-06:00October 19, 2019|

Finding Your Calling with the Kendrick Brothers

  How did film directors Stephen and Alex Kendrick find there calling? A great discussion answering your questions as well as what God has called them to do and where their journey has brought them. The Kendrick brothers discuss their latest film, “Overcomer,” and their path to becoming celebrated filmmakers with Dr. Jeremiah Johnston. Stephen and Alex Kendrick began their [...]

2019-10-23T09:15:54-06:00October 12, 2019|

Open Doors, Smuggled Bibles, and The Persecuted Christian

  What are the most dangerous countries for the persecuted Christian? David Curry, CEO of Open Doors—legacy of the book God Smuggle—shares what we can learn from oppressed Christians across the world, immediate steps you can take to help, and how Bible smuggling plays into it all. Dr. Jeremiah Johnston discusses the persecuted Church throughout the world with David Curry, [...]

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