July 2019

Dr. Carol Tanksley on Fear, Anxiety, and Grief

Dr. Jeremiah Johnston welcomes Dr. Carol Peters-Tanksley, a physician and author known by many as “Dr. Carol.” They discuss the emotional health and the value of life. Dr. Carol Ministries reaches people with a holistic approach gained through her experience as a physician and her theological education, earning her the moniker, “Doctor-Doctor.” Rather than viewing people as comprised of different [...]

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Mark Lanier on Justice and Evidence

  Dr. Jeremiah Johnston welcomes Mark Lanier to the show. Lanier is well-known for his work as an attorney, but it is his love for the Bible that led him to establish the Lanier Theological Library, an exquisite facility with about 17,000 square feet of literary resources, artifacts, and study space in the Houston area. Lanier originally felt he might [...]

2019-07-28T19:44:38-06:00July 20, 2019|

Is Christianity Still Good for the World? & Bob Sprotte’s Great Story

  Dr. Jeremiah Johnston talks with an everyday follower of the Christian faith who decided he wanted to do more to reach his community. Grand Rapids, Michigan-based businessman, Bob Sprotte, is furthering the Gospel in his area in a creative way through the Great Lakes Symposium on Christian Worldview, to be held on Thursday, August 1, 2019, in Bay Harbor, [...]

2019-07-21T21:10:53-06:00July 13, 2019|

Jeremiah Johnston: Truth is Under Attack

If truth is a foundation, then the structures of society can only hold together properly if the truth remains stable. Show host, Dr. Jeremiah Johnston says, “You don’t have to go far to see that truth is under attack. People say, ‘That’s your truth, not my truth,’ or ‘I don’t believe in good and evil.’ You need to know as [...]

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