November 2018

Dr. Gregory Jantz: Healing the Scars of Addiction

  For the Thanksgiving week program, Dr. Jeremiah Johnston leads listeners in a reflection of thankfulness. “This is a unique time of year,” he says. “Having lived for a couple of years in the United Kingdom and even in Canada, we are unique in the United States in that we have a federal, national holiday where we’re reminded that this [...]

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J. P. Moreland on Scientism

  Discounting any belief that is not solidly proved by empirical evidence is the premise of scientism. Professor, scholar and author, Dr. J.P. Moreland, explores this concept and its implications to religious faith in his latest book. He says to Dr. Jeremiah Johnston, “Scientism has crept into public schools. There’s this claim that religious claims aren’t true.” To counter this, [...]

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The Jeremiah Johnston Show Podcast Episodes 

We have received a very strong response to our new show. Why? Because the listener (you) guides the content. Every week I answer your unanswered questions, 'combining the best of biblical scholarship with practical answers'. Please call and leave me a voicemail message with your unanswered question. We will play your voicemail on the air. You will add another excellent dimension to our program. If [...]

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Important thoughts from my recent event in North Carolina

Recently, I spoke at the Extraordinary Women conference outside of Charlotte in Concord, N.C. My topic was Jesus's powerful question, "What do you mean, 'If I can?'" (see Mark 9:23) Bible teacher, Angie Smith, was also one of the speakers and she asked me an interesting question, "Jeremiah what is the favorite part of what you do with Christian Thinkers Society?" I could [...]

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Justin Brierley; Jeremiah takes a difficult anonymous call

  Through his ministry with Premier Christian Radio, Justin Brierley gives listening Christians an example to follow in interactions with atheists and skeptics. He says, “We run away from having these kinds of conversations because we’re afraid. There’s a classic verse, I Peter 3:15, that says, ‘Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give [...]

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Chris Brown on intelligent and intentional parenting

  Learning to manage money well starts with understanding that you are a manager rather than an owner, says Christian financial expert Chris Brown. “We have all of these messages coming at us: ‘buy this, do this, go here, and then you’ll be happy,’” he says. “The biblical way of looking at finances is completely the opposite – it’s from [...]

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