October 2018

How God is moving in Russia and beyond

  International evangelist, pastor, author and faith leader Rick Renner shares how the Holy Spirit drew him and his family to move to Eastern Europe in large part through letting Renner find a Russian Bible. Renner spent hours reading over it and comparing it to the Greek he knew, utterly captivated. He says, “God had put a hook in my [...]

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The Best of Biblical Archeology

  Christians have much more than faith to rely upon in standing on their beliefs. Dr. Jeremiah Johnston puts it simply: “We are truly living in the golden age of Christianity. Unlike any other religion or ‘ism’ in the world, Christianity says that it is verifiable with history. The first historian, Dr. Luke, begins his gospel this way in Luke [...]

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David Limbaugh shares how he went from skeptic to committed Christian

  Coming to faith was the culmination of the work of the Holy Spirit and his own research for author and attorney David Limbaugh. With a legal background, Limbaugh says he mined for evidence around him and in the Bible itself. The messianic prophecies of the Old Testament helped convince him that the Christian faith is valid. “It’s so amazing [...]

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Greg Laurie and the Jesus revolution

  Greg Laurie writes about the Jesus Movement in his latest book, which he entitles, “Jesus Revolution,” as a nod to the 1971 Time Magazine cover of the same name. The move of God that brought about so many conversions to Christianity can be learned from and its lessons applied to current evangelistic outreach, Laurie says. Speaking with show host, [...]

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