September 2018

Sean McDowell on role-playing the resurrection

Dr. Jeremiah Johnston and Dr. Sean McDowell practice sharing their evidence for the validity of Christianity surrounding its central tenet, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Dr. Johnston shares these power tips for showcasing the truth of the bodily resurrection of Jesus: The resurrection of Jesus is the only way we ultimately make sense of the suffering in our lives. He [...]

2018-10-08T14:24:39-06:00September 29, 2018|

John Gibson and Jeremiah on faith and business integration

  Welcoming respected business leader John W. Gibson, Jr. to the show, Dr. Jeremiah Johnston asks, “Is it possible to maintain a vibrant Christian faith and also be successful in the business world?” Unequivocally, Gibson states that it is possible to be a leader professionally and spiritually. “It does mean that you have to have a set of standards and [...]

2018-10-08T14:39:54-06:00September 22, 2018|

Sheila Walsh and JJ discuss your unanswered questions

  Inspirational teacher, author and vocalist Sheila Walsh shares how a movement away from over-introspection and independence can strengthen believers’ faith and purpose. She says, “I think the last thing we need is self-help. What we need is God-help.” “Somehow in western Christianity we are so ‘me-focused’ as opposed to ‘Christ-focused.’ You can spend the rest of your life trying [...]

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