July 2018

A special video message – and triplets update – from Jeremiah Johnston

My grandfather, John Wesley, always critiqued my sermons when I began teaching the Scriptures. Often he would say, "If I don't share what needs improvement, you won't believe me when I share what is excellent!" Twenty years later, his advice to "never preach a sermon that does not change your life first" still resonates. Last Sunday I preached on the person, power [...]

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I was recently a guest on Chris Fabry Live with special guest host Susie Larson on Moody Radio

Talking about Unimaginable on Moody Radio In this episode of Chris Fabry Live, Guest Host Susie Larson and I discuss the culture-shaping influence of Christ and Christendom. Listen Now I have always enjoyed talking to Chris about the state of biblical illiteracy in the Church today. Listen to this 2016 video from Chris Faby LIVE on Moody Radio.  

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God Bless America!

What a difference a year makes!!! My dear sweet Audrey posted some pictures on Social Media that show how much our 5 beautiful children have grown in a years time. What a difference a year makes!!! ❤???? God Bless America ?????????? Lily Faith & Justin, Ryder, Abel, Jaxson #oneyearlater #happy4thofjuly #july4th #GodBlessAmerica A post shared by Audrey Johnston (@audreylynnj) on [...]

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