March 2016

Museum of the Bible Interview with Michael and Lauren McAfee

Museum of the Bible is Coming to Washington, D.C. November 2017 Did you know it will take 9 eight-hour days to experience everything in the Museum of the Bible? Lauren and Michael McAfee sat down with Jeremiah to discuss the story, history, vision and opportunity to engage with the world's largest Bible museum~please share and join the One Million Names [...]

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Point of View Radio Talk Show 3/22/16

The Resurrection of Jesus Kerby Anderson and I talked about the bodily resurrection of Jesus on The Point of View Radio Talk Show. LIVE in Studio with @KerbyAnderson @PointofViewRTS. He is such a gracious host.#UnAnswered LifeWay Christian Resources...Posted by Christian Thinkers Society on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 Watch Entire Broadcast LIVE on YouTube     UNANSWERED:Lasting Truth For Trending Questions Read [...]

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My Article on FoxNews: The Bible Returns to Cuba. How History was made in 2016.

Photo Credit: Phil Cooke la Biblia in Cuba My newest article on FoxNews: The Bible Returns to Cuba. How History Was Made in 2016  On March 21-22, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will make a historic visit to Havana, Cuba. The last time a sitting U.S. president visited Cuba, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig anchored the vaunted “Murderers’ Row” Yankee lineup. [...]

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Sanctuary Fellowship Church, Houston, TX / March, 20 2016

Sanctuary Fellowship Church hosts the UnAnswered Tour with Jeremiah J. Johnston, Ph.D.   Sunday, March 20 (Palm Sunday). At 8:45 a.m., he will direct a round-table discussion about how 21st century Christians can best interact with Muslims. At 10:15 a.m., he will talk to us about reliable truths about the resurrection of Jesus that Christians can place their faith in. [...]

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Interviewed on Chris Fabry LIVE! of Moody Radio

Listen To the Discussion on Biblical Illiteracy with Chris Fabry, the author of the novel, War Room     Chris Fabry knows what it takes to pen a novel. He is responsible for the novelization of the screenplay, War Room. He is the host of the Chris Fabry Live! on Moody radio.           We talked about [...]

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Sunday Night Live with Kim Weir

Sunday Night Live with Kim Weir Unanswered Media Tour 2016 I was honored to be interviewed on "Sunday Night Live" with Kim Weir - KSBJ - Houston, live in studio. There were so many callers they extended the interview from sixty to eighty minutes; however, I cannot stop thinking about the anonymous caller who asked for help because their family [...]

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An Audience of Nones: Unanswered Featured in Publishers Weekly

Caller: "My child committed suicide today" ... When I speak on effective engagement principles I usually begin with a Harvard Business Review article, "If you want people to listen, stop talking!" Listening is the key ingredient of an effective faith conversation. Listening requires time, and we usually don't "have time" to stop for a question. It is amazing how our words, when [...]

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