Everything you need to know about ISIS . . . and don’t.

Current opinions about ISIS often suffer from a “politically correct” notion which focuses on this group’s ideology but ignores its strict Islamic theology. Releasing later this summer from Destiny Image Publishing, this book by Craig Evans and Jeremiah Johnston is hard-hitting, current, with a redemptive silver lining and offers what no other book does in evaluating ISIS in the current market — analysis of the Islamic theology driving the ideology of ISIS. Meanwhile, ISIS releases 90,000 social media messages per day luring Western youth.


Jesus and the Jihadis coming soon

The rise of the Islamic State (a.k.a. ISIS or ISIL) in the last two years and the atrocities this organization has committed have stunned the world. Child executioners, pre-teen wives, destruction of antiquities, crimes against humanity, genocide, killing science and progress, terror tweeting, torture, crucifixions, amputations, slavery all in the name of Allah carried out by the enthusiastic blessing of the Caliphate – the first self-styled, self-proclaimed Caliphate in nearly 100 years – characterize this violent movement. Most people in the West have no idea what to make of it. Western leaders have been taken completely by surprise. That this group is willing to kill and to kill brutally, to commit heinous acts against men, women, and children, is well known.

The West is confused, above all the United States where the current President remarked to The New Yorker that ISIS was a “jayvee” team in comparison to Al-Qaeda.  He even referred to ISIS as “un-Islamic,” ignoring ISIS’ strict adherence to their interpretation of the Holy Qur’an, Hadith and Sunna. Is this assessment correct? Is ISIS un-Islamic?

Today’s Christianity suffers due to a woefully inadequate understanding of the world’s second most populous religion, which is estimated at 1.6 billion Muslims globally. Christians are unaware that Jesus – only eclipsed by the Prophet Muhammad – plays a central role in Islamic eschatology.

We will guide the reader by the hand through the halls of history, showing how the violence and extremism of terrorist groups like ISIS are rooted in a deeply flawed understanding of God and the human condition.

Craig Evans and Jeremiah Johnston



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