We are delighted to announce the unanimous appointment of Dr. Sloan to the CTS Board of Directors serving as a regular contributor, speaker and key architect in the ongoing movement. Sloan is known globally as prolific theologian and a great thinker, having a passion for both ministry and higher education, love for both the Church and the world, gifted by God with adept leadership skills to create transformation in cultures that are continually alienated from God. This is a very challenging time for Christians in this country and abroad. We live in a radically skeptical age and there are far too few people who can make the case for Christianity at the highest levels, let alone in their own back yard. Dr. Sloan’s ability to combine creative and communicative excellence with scholarly integrity will further buttress the mission of Christian Thinkers Society to inspire Christians and pastors to become thinkers and thinkers to become Christians. I encourage you to read Dr. Sloan’s bio, follow him on twitter, and like his Facebook page. Christian Thinkers Society is a Resident Institute of Houston Baptist University

– Jeremiah J. Johnston


“I am very pleased to have Dr. Robert Sloan, President of Houston Baptist University, join the CTS Board of Directors. CTS provides leadership in very exciting areas of innovative, strategic ministry. This ministry potential will be greatly enhanced by the skills, experience, and vision that Dr. Sloan will bring to CTS. This is a wonderful development!”

– Professor Craig A. Evans, CTS Director and Vice President of Strategic Studies