Update on Justin’s surgery

 Dear Friend,

There is nothing harder or more difficult to endure than seeing one of your children in pain and not being able to do anything to alleviate it. If there was any way I could have, I would have gladly taken Justin’s place on that operating table. For a moment it gives us an impression of what God’s love must be like for his children.

We are delighted to report that Justin had a successful 3+ hour surgery and is now convalescing for a few days here at Texas Children’s Hospital. The healing process is important and we pray that it will be complete so Justin can at long last leave behind his kidney issues.

Audrey and I cannot thank you enough for your prayers. It has actually been overwhelming to learn of all the people who are praying specifically for Justin from all over the world. We are so grateful for the amazing medical care Justin has received all while trusting the Great Physician to superintend each step. Audrey and I are so thankful for all of you, our wonderful friends who are supporting us every step of the way.

Thank you for your support and all of the prayers.

Jeremiah & Audrey Johnston


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